Girly Bits Apparition Swatch, Review AND Video!

by Lisa Heath

Girly Bits Apparition Swatch, Review AND Video!

Good evening!  Today I have a little extra something for my post!  A VIDEO!  It’s a quick one, but this polish really isn’t captured completely in a photo, so a video was added to help show it off.

Today I wore Girly Bits Apparition over Illamasqua Prosperity.  Apparition is another polish from the Girly Bits Halloween Collection and it’s a beautiful addition to any polish lover’s collection.  Apparition is described as a clear base with off white hexes, squares and shreds, tiny little holo micro bars and opalescent hexes that flash a gorgeous violet, especially when layered over a darker lacquer.  Mainly I made the video (and by ‘made’ I clearly mean I just moved my hand around a little while Nick took the video) to show off small glimpses of the mini holo bar glitter and the flashes of violet from the opalescent hex glitters.  They are subtle, but they are definitely there and it’s hard to capture that beauty in a photo.  I decided to use Apparition over Illamasqua Prosperity as the base because I really love this shade of purple and it’s become one of my favorite base colors for various glittery top coat polishes.

I do want to say a HUGE “Thank You” to Nick for taking the video.  While it only seems like a quick job, Nick took the time to video it, edit it and all that fun stuff and it took over an hour to complete.  It’s best viewed in full screen.  The violet opalescent flashes and holo bars are really subtle!

You CAN see a color variation from Prosperity between the photo and the video.  The video appears darker because of the lighting in the house.  I would love to do amazing sunlight photos, but I work all day and by the time I get home all natural lighting is gone :/

One more thing to add!  If you despise “glitter removal” this polish is NOT like normal glitters!  I removed the entire mani with 3 cotton balls and I DIDN’T use any “soaking” method or scrubby tub!

I don’t do video’s often, I think it’s the second ever made in Cosmetic Sanctuary history.  I almost forgot how time consuming they can be, but for this polish, it was worth it… right Nick?

Hope you liked the post!  I will have more Girly Bits later this week! <3

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Scottishlass10 October 16, 2012 - 7:49 pm

Love it!

Pam October 17, 2012 - 11:34 am

Thank you so much to you both for taking the time to video it. I agree, this one is next to impossible to catch in pictures. ♥


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