DIFFERENT dimension Mystery Villain Shade #1 Reveal

by Lisa Heath

Press Sample

Last month DIFFERENT dimension released her Villainess collection and as a surprise.. she released Mystery Villain Shade #1.  This shade was a complete secret, and I was sent a sample to have, but she didn’t want it revealed until it was completely sold out.

It’s now sold out… so here it is!

 Mystery Villain Shade #1

Anastasia Tremaine

This is Mystery Villain Shade #1… but also named Anastasia Tremaine!  This is a mix of pink, rose and copper micro holographic glitters and slightly larger purple micro glitters.  I used 2 coats for this sparkly mani.

Anastasia Tremaine Macro

Now I have good news and bad news.

Bad News

This is now sold out so it can no longer be purchased unless someone decides to sell it on one of the various selling outlets (and hopefully for a reasonable price)

Good News

Mystery Villain #2 is available NOW through DIFFERENT dimension’s website for $12.00.  I already purchased mine, but at this time I don’t know what it looks like or which villain it’s for.

Much like Mystery Villain #1, it’s only available for a short period of time and once it’s sold out – that’s it.  So grab it while you can.

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