Moon Shine Mani


Moon Shine Mani Is This A Kissing Book? Collection

Press Sample Happy Saturday! I have a collection to share with you today that really gives me a dose of nostalgia. Here is Moon Shine Mani Is This A Kissing Book? Collection If you know the movie The Princess Bride like I do, when you saw “Is This A Kissing Book?” you knew what this collection was inspired by. This is probably the first movie I was ever able to quote line by line, and it’s a classic. There were so many lines within the movie that are still quoted today. Moon Shine Mani selected some of the most memorable lines or moments within the movie and made a collection of them! Let’s take a look at this 8 piece collection! The Fire Swamp The Fire Swamp is a rusty red toned orange jelly base with red to gold to green multichrome shimmer, red to copper to gold to green…

Moon Shine Mani 9 to 5

Press Sample I have a new-to-me brand to share tonight for Polish Pickup! I actually bought her shade from last month (it was World of Warcraft related, so I had to) but haven’t had a chance to wear it yet! Here is Moon Shine Mani 9 to 5! As always,  we’re going to go through my spiel on Polish Pickup for those not familiar with it! Before I get into this lovely shade shown above, we’re going to talk about this new Facebook group and I’m going to describe it’s concept. The group is Polish Pickup. Polish Pickup offers a fun, interactive experience that allows you to submit theme ideas, vote for your favorite theme, and selectively purchase your favorite polishes every month. It’s NOT a box though. I think when it formed that was the major misconception of it. Now, I love polish boxes, however, some purchasers shared their frustration in only wanting…