Vapid Lacquer | October 2022 Release

by Lisa Heath

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Happy Sunday! I got so much done the last 2 days and now it’s just a matter of typing it all up! First up we’re going to be looking at the Vapid Lacquer October 2022 Release that will be taking place on October 1st.

The Vapid Lacquer October 2022 Release is a 5 piece collection that consists of 2 reflectives, a magnetic, a flake and a glitter bomb (with BATS!)

For all of these photos I used Vapid Lacquer Commitment Issues as a latex peel off base (but she usually also has regular base coat) and I buy this stuff on almost every release it’s offered. Krys also provided a bottle of Smooth AF glitter smoother (for the glitter bomb and reflectives) and a bottle of High Shine Quick Dry Top Coat in the PR package, so I’m using those as well.

As I mentioned – these do release on October 1st and don’t worry I will link the magnet I used in this post since I’m getting a lot of questions in a preview.

Vapid Lacquer | Demon Dust (Reflective)

Demon Dust is a black jelly base loaded with black holographic micro and small glitters as well as red reflective glitter. I used 3 thin coats, a coat of Smooth AF and glossy top coat for a smooth, glassy finish.

Vapid Lacquer | Don’t Look Behind You (Magnetic)

Don’t Look Behind You is a multichrome base that shifts purple to magenta, with a strong gold to green shifting metallic magnetic pigment. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

I only magnetized 2 nails to see it both ways.

Vapid Lacquer | Panic and Freak Out!

Panic and Freak Out! is a messy glitter bomb and I am HERE FOR IT. A little over a year ago Krys did a glitter bomb called Cadillac Ranch and it was a kitchen sink of a glitter bomb. This was the same idea. There’s no recipe – it’s just… throw in all the extra glitters you feel like and have a field day. It’s messy but oh so beautiful.

But it’s also Halloween season – so she threw in black and silver holo bats for fun.

This is primarily a pink and yellow forward glitter bomb but theres holo and other colors mixed in. It can be used over polishes but I used 2 coats on its own, then I floated a slightly thick coat of Smooth AF and glossy top coat for a nice, glassy finish.

Vapid Lacquer | Paranormal

Paranormal is a pale grey crelly base that leans more into jelly territory and it has green to blue shimmer, as well as pink to blue to purple to green iridescent flakes. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

If you have a strong VNL – it will show through.

Vapid Lacquer | Vengeful Spirit (Reflective)

And finally we have Vengeful Spirit! Vengeful Spirit is a deep, cool toned purple jelly base loaded with pink to orange to gold to green shifting flakes, with green reflective glitters. I used 3 thin coats, 1 coat of Smooth AF and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Vapid Lacquer | October 2022 Release

If I had to tell you what polishes to grab – it would be Vengeful Spirit, Don’t Look Behind You and Panic and Freak Out! Those are my top picks – but I can see myself wearing all 5 regularly.

All 5 shades will be limited in quantity – less than 100 bottles each. Panic and Freak Out is a one time run – once it sells out – it’s GONE. Krys didn’t make a recipe and threw all bags out so she doesn’t know what she put in it to even start trying to replicate it. The other 4 polishes may come back – but not in 2022.

Where To Buy: Vapid Lacquer Shop

Release Date: October 1st, Time TBA

Vapid Lacquer Social Media: Instagram | Facebook

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