The Indie Spectrum Box | April 2019

by Lisa Heath

Press Sample of The Indie Spectrum Box
April 2019

I have a fairly new collaboration box to share on my blog today – and it’s The Indie Spectrum Box for April 2019. This is a new bi-monthly Australian indie collaboration box with some heavy hitting indie makers.

Emily de Molly and Grace-full Nail Polish are the main brands within the box. For April 2019 – Lilypad Lacquer and MckFresh Nail Attire are joining as guest makers. I’m familiar with 3 of the 4 brands and have featured them on my blog before. MckFresh Nail Attire I know from Polish Pickup and have purchased a couple of her thermals, so I am fairly familiar with the brand.

The theme for the April box is RuPaul’s Drag Race! It’s fun and colorful and each maker had a lot of fun with it. I’ll mention the inspiration behind each shade with their individual descriptions.

The Indie Spectrum Box for April released earlier today – so it’s available now. Check out the photos and info at the bottom of the post.

Emily de Molly | Extravaganza

Emily de Molly used Nina Flowers for inspiration on her shade. Extravaganza is a bright, warm toned jelly base with gold holographic microglitters and iridescent flakes that give off sparks of pink and orangey gold. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

This shade is very well pigmented and opacity was fairly easy to reach for a jelly. If you do thicker coats, you may only need 2 coats to reach full opacity.

Grace-full Nail Polish | Sashay Away

Grace-full Nail Polish was inspired by Violet Chachki for Sashay Away. Sashay Away is a medium, cool violet and silver metallic flake foil with micro holo flakes sprinkled in. While it looks lightly textured – it actually laid fairly smooth. I used 2 coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Lilypad Lacquer | Keep Your Wig On

Lilypad Lacquer was inspired by Aja for Keep Your Wig On. Keep Your Wig On is a vibrant, medium sky blue creme with a light scattered of holo and violet shimmer with a slight golden shift at extreme angles. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

If you use normal coats, 2 should work just fine.

MckFresh Nail Attire | The Nancy Drew of Drag

MckFresh Nail Attire was inspired by Shangela for The Nancy Drew of Drag! This is a cold reactive tri thermal, but the initial shift is subtle, you catch a glimpse of it in my final photo.

The Nancy Drew of Drag is a dusty, purple tinged rosey pink when room temp to a raspberry violet when chilled to a dark chocolate when ice cold, and has a ton of glitters and flakes in copper, blue, purple, black and iridescent. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Most thermals we are familiar with are warm reactive, but not this one. I’m only saying it because I don’t want people heating it up thinking it’s broken. Touch it to some ice and you’ll see the change. Mine was quite reactive.

The Indie Spectrum Box | April 2019

This is my first time really seeing the box, I know it’s new, but I’m unsure how many came before this one. My first thought when opening the box was that the shades and finishes play to each maker’s strengths. When I think of MckFresh – the first thing I think is thermal. Lilypad Lacquer? Shimmer. Emily de Molly? Glitter and flakes. Grace-full has a few that I would think of, but her foil flakes have some oomph so it was a good shade for her to create.

The theme of this box was really fun and I love what each maker brought to the table, and as I said – played to their strengths. The formulas were really nicely done and I didn’t have any application issues.

Price: $53 AUD (approximately $38 US)

Where To Buy: The Indie Spectrum Shop

Preorder Dates: April 22nd at 8PM AEST (3AM PST) to April 29th at 8PM AEST (3AM PST)

Indie Spectrum Social Media: Facebook | Instagram

This is a Bi-Monthly box so make sure to watch them on social media for future boxes.

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Lauriestrode April 23, 2019 - 3:11 am

As far as I remember the Indie Spectrum Box has been available for almost a year, but it was only available to Australian buyers due to the shipping rates and issues. I actually didn’t know they had opened it up for international buyers and I must say I am happy they have. I am still sad I missed out on one of the last polishes Glittering Elements ever released, before she closed up shop, which was an Indie Spectrum polish.

Lisa Heath April 23, 2019 - 4:47 am

Thank you for that info! I had no idea it had been open for that long.


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