Cupcake Polish | Free Spirit Trio & Secret Ingredient

Press Sample of the Cupcake PolishFree Spirit Trio & Secret Ingredient Finally some time to sit down and type up some posts! My son turns 13 next weekend (now I feel old!) so we’re prepping for his party, plus tax season is in full swing and 7th grade homework is no joke. So now, I have the Cupcake Polish Free Spirit Trio & Secret Ingredient to share! I’ve had these done since Sunday… and finally have time to sit and do this. Okay so we’re looking at 4 new shades in this post. 3 are part of the Free Spirit Trio and they will be Limited Edition, Single Batch. Once sold out, that’s it – they’re gone. The 4th item is a topper and it will be a more permanent fixture along with the other toppers carried in the Cupcake Polish shop. Ready to take a look? Cupcake Polish |…