Sugar Scrubs


Vapid Lacquer Vapibirthday Bath & Body

Press Sample We’re continuing on with the Vapibirthday Celebration! Last night I showed the Cosmos & Cosmos: Dirty Edition collections, and today I have the Vapid Lacquer Vapibirthday Bath & Body products! There are more products to go with these, but this is a large chunk of it.  There will also be Nail Sauces and Wax Melts available in these scents, as well as other sizes of body creams and body scrubs. I was sent a rather nice assortment to share in all of the scents for this release. I will be describing the scents as I interpret them. I do not have a scent cheat sheet to refer to, which is rather nice so I can give my personal description without hearing much of what they really are. We all have a difference sense of smell, some more perceptive than others, so please keep in mind that your perception might…