Heather’s Hues


Hella Handmade Creations | September 2018

Press Sample of Hella Handmade Creations September 2018 Who’s ready for Hella Handmade Creations September 2018 shop? I have 5 of this months shades to share, and I’m being kind of last minute again (sorry) but real life is just not being fair right now time wise. Usually I do a different post for each polish, but last month I did one post and it just makes more sense! Plus you get all of my offerings in one place rather than clicking around for them all (and it cuts down on my link spam in group!) As I mentioned in my last series of posts, HHC changed things up and they are started a new series. Several makers are participating in the monthly customs and each brand has a theme they picked for themselves. I’ll let you know in each set of photos what each maker picked as their theme,…

Heather’s Hues Charity Duo

Press Samples of the Heather’s Hues Charity Duo I have another special post tonight. This makes 2 in a row for me (many are special, but these 2 in particular have more of an effect on me) Heather’s Hues has a charity duo releasing on September 8th and it’s close to me because my sister helped collab on it. Really, my step sister, but my mom started dating her dad before I was in Kindergarten. I’m 36 now (and they married when I was around 9 I think) so we grew up together. A bit of background on this duo. My sister (Katie) helped collab on this duo after her mom was diagnosed with uterine cancer. Obviously this is going to mean something to me since I’ve known Katie and her Mama Gayle for at least 31 years. Side note: for those who were trying to help think of a…