Chapped Lips


Protect Your Lips This Winter With Herpecin L

This post has been sponsored by the PRIMP Network. All opinions are my own Several months ago I took my son to the store to purchase even more lip balm for him. He has severely chapped lips and no matter what we tried, it didn’t seem to help. If he forgets his lip balm at home, by the time I pick him up from school his lips are often chapped, cracked and have a rosy red ring around them. I asked someone at the store what they recommend, and was a little surprised when they suggested Herpecin L. Why was I surprised? I had always associated Herpecin L as being the product to use for cold sores.  If we didn’t have cold sores,  why would we need it? It turns out, Herpecin L isn’t just the best cold sore remedy on the market, it’s also amazing to relieve dry, chapped…