Supernatural Lacquer | On Darker Tides

by Lisa Heath

Press Sample of Supernatural Lacquer
On Darker Tides

Post #3 tonight, I’m on a roll! I keep needing to take breaks during my posts because Nick has been busy working, and when a conference call comes in, my mechanical keyboard is a little loud (and I type really fast) so you just hear CLICKITY CLACK throughout.

Anyways – tonight we’re looking at the Green Polish Forever custom from Supernatural Lacquer, On Darker Tides!

On Darker Tides is a deep, dark green jelly base with orange to lime green color shifting flakes and metallic gold shimmer. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

The base is really dark and almost appears black at some angles, but it’s the perfect base to set of the vibrant shifty flakes. I also see small peeks of magenta popping through.

Supernatural Lacquer | On Darker Tides

As I mentioned, this is the Green Polish Forever custom – but I’m not entirely sure if you need to be a member of the group to purchase. I asked, so I’ll update with that info when I have it. Either way though, if you are a fan of green polishes – definitely check out the group!

Price: $12.00

Where To Buy: Supernatural Lacquer Shop

Available: January 17th

Supernatural Lacquer Social Media: Facebook | Facebook Fan Group | Instagram

Hope you enjoyed, and with that, I’m off to bed. Have a great night!

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Ananka January 16, 2020 - 9:58 am

Loving the glitters in this one :-D


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