Stella Chroma Luxe Chromes Trio

by Lisa Heath
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Stella Chroma Luxe Chromes Trio

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Morning! I have a rare morning post (I got to work early after dropping Jacob off at school, so I’m using my time wisely!) I have several posts to share today between normal releases and Polish Pickup shades, so we’re getting this started earlier than usual. First up today we have the Stella Chroma Luxe Chromes Trio!

The Stella Chroma Luxe Chromes Trio is a limited edition offering that released this morning! Once they are gone, that’s it. So if there are any that catch your eye, make sure you snag them.

Since they released about 3 hours ago, I’m going to cut the chatter a bit and show some pictures. At the end of this post you’ll find the purchasing info as well as a discount code that’s good for 15% off!


Twilight is a deep blue base with gorgeous shifts. You’ll see purple, red, orange, and gold as you wiggle your fingers around. Blue, purple, and red are the most prominent colors, while orange and gold make appearances at extreme angles. I used 2 coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Quiet Fire

Quiet Fire is a stunning red to copper to yellow to orange multichrome. You can see tinges of green at extreme angles. I used 2 smooth coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Like A River Does

Like A River Does is a glowy golden yellow  that shifts to a peridot green to olive green to blue. Of the 3 shades, this one had more visible brushstrokes and more of a chrome looking finish. I used 2 coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Stella Chroma Luxe Chromes Trio Overview

As I mentioned at the beginning, this is a limited edition offering, so if any caught your eye – you really should jump on it before it’s too late. Don’t forget to use my 15% coupon shown below.

As far as application, all 3 went on easily in just 2 coats. Twilight and Quiet Fire had pretty smooth application, but Like A River Does had some visible brushstrokes since it has more of the chrome finish, so brushstrokes are fairly normal. I did not use any base color to boost the shift. In my photos, you see only a clear base coat, 2 coats of each shade and top coat.

Price: $13.00 Each

Release Date: August 31st at 8am EST 

Discount Code for 15% Off: SANCTUARY

Where to Buy: Stella Chroma Shop

Stella Chroma Social Media: Facebook | Instagram | Facebook Fan Group

What do you think? Will you be grabbing any of these?

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