Rogue Lacquer | Valentine’s 2022 Release

by Lisa Heath

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Ready for more Valentine’s Day themed polishes? Next up is Rogue Lacquer and their Valentine’s 2022 Release!

Rogue Lacquer went more of a rose gold lean with her Valentine’s Day shades this year, and I like it. Of course she did her signature flakes to go with it. The third polish is for St Patty’s day, but it’s also not a traditional shade for that!

All 3 of these are currently available on the Rogue Lacquer site – so check out those links at the bottom of the post.

Let’s jump in.

Rogue Lacquer | Be My Galentine?

Be My Galentine is a metallic pinkish rose gold and black flake mix in a clear base. You can use it as a full coverage polish or as a topper. In these photos I used 2 coats alone on index and pinky, and 1 coat over a milky pink on my middle and ring nails.

Dries with a very mild texture, so you may need 2 coats of top coat to smooth.

Rogue Lacquer | Awesome Together

Awesome Together is a white crelly base with rose pink, red and black flakes mixed in. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Rogue Lacquer | Shattered Rainbows

Shattered Rainbows is a clear base loaded with metallic silver flakes, as well as a rainbow of flakes mixed in with them. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Dries with a mild texture, you may need 2 coats of top coat for a smooth finish.

Rogue Lacquer | Valentine’s 2022 Release

I love Rogue’s shattered polishes, and Shattered Rainbows might be my favorite so far!

These are available now, so don’t miss out!

Where To Buy: Rogue Lacquer Shop

Rogue Lacquer Social Media: Instagram | Facebook | Facebook Fan Group

Have you grabbed any of these yet?

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