Rogue Lacquer


Rogue Lacquer Sirens of Summer Collection

Press Sample of the Rogue Lacquer Sirens of Summer Collection It’s been a fun and busy weekend! I mentioned in my last post that I would be car shopping this weekend, and it happened! After 18 years with my Toyota Avalon, I have purchased a new vehicle. Nick, Jacob and I went to the Honda dealership at 9am on Saturday morning and we left at 11:30 am with my new, 2018 Honda HR-V EX in the color Mulberry. It’s taking a little getting used to because I’m really not used to having all the bells and whistles but it’s a fun change. Of course instead of working on bloggy things, I’ve been finding any excuse to drive around. Jacob and I have been out and about since buying her and I couldn’t be happier. Of course I have to show her a little – this is Molly! My 4th ever…

Rogue Lacquer Spring Punk Collection

Press Sample Tomorrow is a big day for a new indie brand! Rogue Lacquer’s shop will be open! This isn’t a new maker, most of you have heard of her, or have interacted with her on Facebook. Rachel from Ever After Polish has formed her own brand and tomorrow is the debut of the Rogue Lacquer Spring Punk Collection! Don’t worry though – Ever After Polish is still alive and well, but Miranda is running the whole show now. Rogue Lacquer launches tomorrow and she’s kicking things off with the Spring Punk Collection! This is a 4 piece collection with all different finishes, so you get a nice mix to start off. The collection is Steam Punk inspired, so the names follow along that theme. I won’t even lie, I’m tired from work and my mind is running on and on and not making much sense – so we’re going to…