Polished Gamers Box January 2021 | Mario

by Lisa Heath

Press Sample of the Polished Gamers Box
January 2021 | Mario

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It’s time to begin another year.. and I have 6 items from the first Polished Gamers Box of 2021! The January 2021 box is themed Mario! And yes – you know which Mario.

I played Mario a ton when I was a kid. But you know which Mario game I played the most? Dr. Mario. My mom and I were addicted to that. My sisters and I played Super Mario Bros games, but my mom and I? Dr. Mario. When I got home from school there were a few different games we’d play, but several times it was that one, and I knew it because I’d walk in the door and she’d just say something like “Rematch” and I KNEW.

So this month’s shop isn’t open quite yet (look at me getting a little ahead) but it will be open on the 15th and will remain open until the 20th. More specific times will be at the bottom of this post.

For the fine details – for all photos shown – I used Vapid Lacquer Commitment Issues Peel Off Base and Vibrant Vinyls Fast & Hard Top Coat. I purchased the Vapid Lacquer Commitment Issues, but the Vibrant Vinyls Top Coat is a PR item sent to me for review. I do however admin for both Fan Groups for those 2 brands.

I do use artificial lighting for my photos. I get the most done at night, so I swatch a lot at night. My current setup uses GlamCor Pro LIghts and I use the Ultra X Model and this Daylight Company Duo Daylight Lamp (affiliate link).

Let’s jump on in and take a look!

Alter Ego Body Care Products | Yellow Toad

Inspiration: Yellow Toad character in Super Mario-Kun

Description: Yellow Toad is a milky white crelly base with neon yellow dot glitters. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

For the most part I did get an okay amount of glitters out without much trouble, however if you want more glitters, you will need to do the whole dip and swirl move to collect more on the brush. It didn’t take a lot of effort, but some mild fishing is needed if you want more glitter goodness.

Price: $10.00 | Cap: None

Apipila Cosmeticos | Super Mario Stamping Plate

Inspiration: Super Mario

Description: Apipila brings us an 18 x 18 cm stainless steel stamping plate and this thing is big. Not like super huge, but much bigger than her usual. For those not into conversions, each side is a little over 7″

I had absolutely no issue picking up images, I did test different sections of the plate with my stamper while waiting for my base colors to dry and everything I attempted picked up, and I’d say I attempted about 60% of the images on the plate.

In the end, I did a Princess Peach type mani. Everything I used for this mani was sent as PR. I can’t name the base polishes just yet – they don’t release for a couple weeks (oops) but the stamping polish I used is Hit The Bottle Positively Charged, I used Apipila Smudge Free over the stamping and then Vibrant Vinyls top coat to seal it in.

Price: $15.00 | Cap: None

By Vanessa Molina | My Princess (Thermal)

Inspiration: Princess Peach

Description: My Princess is a warm purple (cold) to hot pink (warm) thermla with pink, gold and aqua flakes as well as glitters in dots, hexes and squares, and a subtle scattered holographic effect.

Price: $13.00 | Cap:150

LynBDesigns | Rainbow Road

Inspiration: Rainbow Road Level in Mario Kart

Description: Rainbow Road is a deep navy crelly base loaded with iridescent shifting flakes that primarily show off shades of blue, green and violet, as well as a peek of gold. There is also rainbow holographic micro glitters mixed in. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Price: $12.00 | Cap: None

Rebellisch | Cookie Crunch Wax

Inspiration: Yoshi’s Cookie

Description: Cookie Crunch wax is described as a blend of Danish butter cookies, jam cookies, sugar cookies, and chocolate chippers.

My nose definitely picks up the buttery sugar cookie and danish butter cookies, then there’s an underlying sweetness from chocolate chips. And not that fake, weird chocolate scent either, like semi sweet chocolate – but just a hint so it’s not overwhelming.

Price: $4.00 | Cap: None

Red Eyed Lacquer | Star Road Specials

Inspiration: Star Road Specials

Description: Star Road Specials is an aqua like baby blue crelly base with purple to yellow to teal shifting shimmer mixed in. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

I actually swatched this one with last month’s set and set everything up – collage and all – before realizing it was the wrong month for it… and had to redo it all.

I finally get to share it though! When I started doing promo shots though, I forgot I had already done it and that’s why it isn’t in the cover photo shot. Sorry! I just realized it about 10 minutes ago.

Price: $12.50 | Cap: 100

Polished Gamers Box January 2021 | Mario

This is a fun theme and brings me back to my childhood for sure. One of the main times my sisters and I got along, and definitely bonding time with my mom.

Where To Buy: Polished Gamers Box Shop

Preorder Dates: January 15th at 2pm MST (1pm CST/ 2pm EST) – January 20th

Polished Gamers Social Media: Facebook Group | Instagram

Be sure to join the Facebook group to see even more swatch photos!

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cynthia decker January 13, 2021 - 9:22 am

Thank you for all your thorough reviews! All your manis and photos are mind boggling!

Ananka January 14, 2021 - 3:35 pm

These are amazing and love the stamping! Rainbow Road was a trick level!


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