Polish Pickup June 2020 | Cocktails & Mocktails

by Lisa Heath
Polish Pickup June 2020 | Cocktails & Mocktails

Press Samples of the Polish Pickup
May 2020 | Candy Land

Disclosure: I am a paid employee of Polish Pickup for their Social Media. While this post isn’t sponsored, I am an employee of their shop

How is it time for a Polish Pickup post already?! This month is flying by – and I’m pushing to keep things moving and time keeps escaping. Today I had to take my son to his school to do a book drop off since he’s almost done with 8th grade. 1 more week and I officially have a kid in high school. I’m sad he’s missing his 8th grade activities and the big Washington DC trip (that cost me about $3200… they are refunding) but at least we’re all healthy and it is what it is.

I’m starting this post on Wednesday night, but I know full well I won’t have it done until tomorrow night. Doing what I can tonight and then will work on it during my lunch break at work and then really focus on it tomorrow after work. We’ll be taking a look at the Polish Pickup June 2020 shop which is themed Cocktails & Mocktails!

Look at that amazing assortment! I am so excited that there is so much variety in color this month.

This is actually our second go with Cocktails & Mocktails. The first go was back in July of 2017 and there were only about 29 creations for the month… we’ve grown a smidgen. So we’re now revisiting it since it was a clear winning in the voting process.

Truth be told – I don’t really drink. I’m not against it, and I do have a glass of wine once in a blue moon – but I have a control issue. Not that I can’t control drinking – but in my mind, if something happened to my son and I needed to rush him to a hospital – if Nick and I were having a drink – I wouldn’t be able to and it makes me panic a little thinking about it. It’s one of those quirks with me. If Jacob is spending the night at a friends house or was with his dad when his dad lived out here – I had a glass. As of now – I don’t remember the last time I had a sip of anything. It’s just not something I think about really. I’m more interested in coffee. When I was younger (pre-pregnancy) my drink of choice at the bar was a Hypnotiq and Red Bull or a simple rum and coke. Nick is a Scotch guy. I think we have a bottle of Scotch somewhere, but I can’t handle that stuff. He enjoys it, but he’s like me – rarely drinks. I think the bottle of Scotch is like 4 years old at this point.

I have 104 items to share this month, but I am still waiting on 2 or 3 to arrive I think. I know for sure Emily de Molly and NeVerMind Polish are on the way – but I will update the post with additional goodies as they arrive.

For all photos shown – I used Vapid Lacquer Commitment Issues Peel Off Base, Sweet & Sour Lacquer Gloss Sauce as top coat (except for the photos showing Glisten & Glow, Cuticula and Vibrant Vinyls), and Night Owl Lacquer Gone Matte Top Coat unless otherwise specified.

Since I leave for work while it’s still semi dark and I get home while it’s still semi dark – I do use artificial lighting for my photos. My current setup uses Glamcor Pro Lights and I use the Elite X model. That is a link for those wanting to look, but it’s not an affiliate link. The brand did send them for me to post on Instagram too though, so it is a press sample (which I posted about a few months ago)

This is an EXTREMELY photo heavy post. I think during upload it said around 710 photos. If there is something specific you are looking for – on desktop hit CTRL + F and type what you are searching for. Otherwise, enjoy the long scroll down the page, and of course the giveaway at the end.

The June 2020 shop will open June 5th and close on June 8th.

Let’s get this party started!

77 Nail Lacquer | Mirrorball

Inspiration: Inspired by a drink from a bar in Liverpool, Mirrorball is a simple combination of gin, lemon juice elderflower and soda water. These ingredients create an otherworldly concoction and a beautiful presentation.

Description: Mirrorball is a muted turquoise base with pink iridescent flakes and shimmer that glows fuchsia red/pink and shifts from red to copper to gold. I used 2 coats and a glossy top coat for these photos. This shade does lean a bit greener in person.

I found the formula to be a bit on the thick side, but it is 100 degrees here so it might be a weather related thing with my bottle. I did let 77 Nail Lacquer know and she will be looking into it to make sure.

Price: $13.00 | Cap: 275 US / 25 UK

Alchemy Lacquers | Frambojito

Inspiration: Inspired by a classic mojito with a raspberry twist!

Description: Frambjoito is a red leaning raspberry jelly with pink to red to gold to green shifting shimmer with scattered pink to red to orange to gold to green shifting flakes and gold micro holographic glitter. I used 2 coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Price: $11.50 | Cap: 150 US / 5 UK

All Mixed Up Lacquer | Just One Drink

Inspiration: Giant Fishbowl Drink

Description: Just One Drink is a teal jelly base with green shimmer and blue to purple to fuchsia to gold shifting ultrachrome chameleon flakes. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Price: $12.50 | Cap: None

Alter Ego | Blueberry Ginger Fizz Mocktail

Inspiration: There were many requests for non alcoholic drinks, this one sounds good

Description: Blueberry Ginger Fizz Mocktail is a deep blurple jelly base loaded with blue micro glitter and copper holographic micro glitters. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Price: $9.00 | Cap: None

Apipila Cosméticos | Caipirinha (Stamping Polish)

Inspiration: Caipirinha lemon

Description: Caipirinha is a bright olive green creme base with gold shimmer flecks. This is shown in 2 coats on index and pinky and stamped over black on middle and index.

I used this months Apipila Cosméticos Cocktail Party Plate for the stamping images.

Price: $9.00 | Cap: 80 US / 20 UK

Apipila Cosméticos | Cocktail Party Plate

Inspiration: Caipirinha

Description: Cocktail Party Plate is a fun stamping plate with a variety of drink images on it drawn exclusively for this month’s theme. It had good etching and I had no trouble picking up images from it. I used it in all but 1 stamping manicure in this post. I selected a few of the images to show below!

Price: $14.50 | Cap: None

AURORA 5-Free Nail Lacquer | I’m So Drunk I’m Seeing the Northern Lights

Inspiration: Aurora Jungle Juice

Description: I’m So Drunk I’m Seeing The Northern Lights is a semi sheer black jelly base with turquoise and pink flakes mixed in. The flakes help add opacity to the polish. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Price: $12.00 | Cap:120 US / 10 UK

Baby Girl Lacquer | Doin’ The Mi-Most-A! (Thermal, Solar & Scented)

Inspiration: Sunrise Mimosa

Description: Doin’ The Mi-Most-A! is a citrus-scented, orange (cold) to yellow (warm) thermal that also changes to a peachy-red when exposed to UV light (both artificial and the real thing) crelly with red, gold and green flakes mixed in. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Most photos show the thermal transition, and the final photo shows the solar transition. The scent is a refreshing orange citrus scent.

Price: $12.50 | Cap: 95 US / 5 UK

Baroness X | Lit Dole Whip Acetone Additive

Inspiration: Inspired by a cocktail of rum and Dole Whip.

Description: This month’s scent is Lit Dole Whip! It’s a tart, frozen pineapple treat from Disney, blended with rum. My nose picks up on the pineapple and a hint of vanilla which cuts the tartness of the pineapple just a bit, then a slight whiff of rum. The rum is almost undetectable for me and I get more pineapple and vanilla.

Acetone Antidote is an additive for your acetone to protect your skin from the harshness of acetone. It contains glycerin and jojoba oil to help protect and moisturize your nails, skin, and cuticles during polish removal. Plus, no more ashy, dry skin.

Shake the vial and add the full bottle (.5oz) to 6-8oz of acetone. You can add the vial to more or less (down to 4oz of acetone, no less due to IFRA regulations). These are just suggestions for optimal scent and protection from acetone, the ratio can vary due to personal preference.

I use a full vial in 10 oz of Zoya Remove+

Price: $ 4.25 | Cap: None

Baroness X | Loco Unicorn Fluid Art Duo

Inspiration: These polishes were inspired by a beautiful berry-orange-coconut cocktail called Loco Unicorn.


Loco Unicorn – a pastel teal fluid art polish with a touch of violet to gold shimmer and glass flakies.

Coco Berry – a pastel pink fluid art polish with a touch of green to blue shimmer and glass flakies.

These polishes create the spotted effect as seen in fluid art nail polish designs. You can use them together with some white and seafoam green shades to create a water washing up on the beach effect. Of course they can be used separately to create any color combo you want. You just need one fluid art polish for cells to form. You will get more cells and colors if you use 2 fluid art polishes with other standard polishes.

I actually tried a different method this month than I did in previous months and got a better cell result. Instead of smooshing it on a mat and moving it around – I tried a watermarble-like technique. On my silicone mat I dripped polish on top of each other – like you would for watermarbling to create the rings in the water. I did 2 drops of the neon green regular polish (you’ll see it in an upcoming review post) then a drop of Loco Unicorn, a drop of neon green, then a drop of Coco Berry, another drop of green and then Loco Unicorn and again with the green and finished with another drop of Coco Berry – all on top of each other. Since it’s not in water, you basically get a polish blob. Then I slowly moved the mat a bit to spread it and as it spread – I got more cells.

After doing this, I waited 24 hours, painted my nails with the neon green (just 1 coat) and peeled the decals off, cut them to size, applied Baroness X Bind & Burnish Base Coat and applied the “decal” over each nail – one at a time. Then I used a clean up brush and acetone to remove any decal that was extended over the nail. Finally – I added top coat. I do need to work on my decal skills – but overall it’s pretty fun and I like the finished look.

I did the index nail with just the neon green and Coco Berry. Pinky is just Loco Unicorn and the neon green. Middle and ring fingers are both fluid polishes and the neon green.

Both bottles are 8ml and you get both with this listing.

Price: $12.00 for the Duo | Cap: None

Bee’s Knees Lacquer | Skooma

Inspiration: The illegal potion from the Elder Scrolls games

Description: Skooma is a dark, cool toned purple creme with vibrant blue to purple shimmer. I used 2 coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Price: $12.00 | Cap: None

Beyond the Nail | 24 Karat Martini

Inspiration: Gold Rush Martini – a Goldschläger based cocktail

Description: 24 Karat Martini is a soft ivory creme base with two sizes of gold flakes mixed in. This is a soft and delicate polish. I used 2 coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Price: $11.00 | Cap: 85 US / 15 UK

Black Dahlia Lacquer | Margaritaville

Inspiration: Margaritas

Description: Margaritaville is a champagne holographic with a strong metallic gold to green duochrome shimmer. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Price: $11.50 | Cap: None

Bluebird Lacquer | Booze Cruise

Inspiration: Inspired by Cocktail: The classic 90’s story of a handsome bartenders struggle to mix the perfect drink while learning lessons about friendship, socio-economic prejudice, betrayal and redemption.

Description: Booze Cruise is a bleached fuchsia-ish orchid neon crelly base packed with green to purple to blue shifting ultrachrome chameleon flakes. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Price: $11.50 | Cap: None

BLUSH Lacquers | Fig Berry Fizz

Inspiration: A fancy fig cocktail.

Description: Fig Berry Fizz is a slightly dusty lilac creme base with holographic micro flakes, rose gold metallic micro flakes and shifting gold to green to blue multichrome flakes. I used 2 coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

There is a very slight texture – but 1 coat of top coat smoothed it over for me.

Price: $12.00 | Cap: None

By Dany Vianna | Flounder Cocktail

Inspiration: drink made with OJ and Curacao Blue

Description: Flounder Cocktail is a bright, cool toned yellow crelly base that leans more into creme territory and has blue ultrachrome chameleon flakes mixed in. I used 2 coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

If you initially saw a tri thermal in the group for By Dany Vianna this month – that was her original polish, but when US swatchers started receiving their bottles, the thermal had already faded. Daniela didn’t want to put out an unstable product and quickly pulled it. She wasn’t sure whether to pull out for June or not – but decided to quickly decide on a more stable polish so we now have Flounder Cocktail. While the thermal was pretty – I do appreciate her pulling a product that could potentially be problematic for customers. I know she was sad the original idea didn’t work out, but I’m really loving the new polish!

Price: $11.50 | Cap: 150 US / 10 UK

By Vanessa Molina | Zombie On Fire (Magnetic)

Inspiration: Zombie flamed cocktail

Description: Zombie On Fire is a deep eggplant purple jelly base loaded with purple to pink to gold magnetic shimmer and red to orange to gold flakes. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Price: $13.00 | Cap: 300 US / 20 UK