LynB Designs Biz-Myth-Icorn & Mermaid-Icorn

by Lisa Heath

Press Sample of LynB Designs
Biz-Myth-Icorn & Mermaid-Icorn

Once again, sorry I’m late on this. I have good news and bad news. The good news? You can still grab this January favorite from LynB Designs. The bad news? The companion shade is sold out. HOWEVER – the companion polish technically isn’t a PPU exclusive, so maybe it will be back. If it’s not, I’m sorry and I suck.

Update: She restocked the companion shade!

Tonight we’re looking at LynB Designs Biz-Myth-Icorn & Mermaid-Icorn!

LynB Designs Biz-Myth-Icorn made it’s first appearance in the January Polish Pickup. Special this month LynB Designs also created Mermaid-Icorn as the “companion” polish. I actually love the concept of this because you can still grab a new shade if you already grabbed the January shade.

So for those that may not be aware, Polish Pickup is taking July off. Over the last several months, there has been an overwhelming request for makers to bring a shade or product back – so this was the perfect month to do it. Since Polish Pickup is off this month, they aren’t the ones shipping. Each maker will be shipping from their own shop.

Let’s take a look.

LynB Designs Biz-Myth-Icorn

LynB Designs Biz-Myth-Icorn is a creamy pinky lanvender base with a scattering of shifting shimmer and loaded with UCC flakies. This is a new bottle I was provided (I reviewed it back in January as well) and they look identical.

I used 2 coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

LynB Designs Mermaid-Icorn

Mermaid-Icorn is a sister polish to Biz-Myth-Icorn! This is a creamy baby blue base with scattered shifting shimmer and blue to green to gold UCC shifting flakes. I used 2 coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

LynB Designs Biz-Myth-Icorn & Mermaid-Icorn

This may be the only time this shade comes back, so snap it up while you can.

Price: $12.00 Each

Where To Buy: LynB Designs Shop

LynB Designs Social Media: Facebook  | Instagram

Hope you are enjoying seeing some Fan Favorites coming back for PPU!

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