Fandom Flakies Box July 2018 | Jurassic Park

by Lisa Heath
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Fandom Flakies Box July 2018 | Jurassic Park

Press Sample of the Fandom Flakies Box
July 2018 | Jurassic Park

I will hopefully be getting back to a normal posting schedule, my internet at work has been restored as of about 4pm today – so I should be able to type up a couple posts on my lunch breaks now! I think I have 6 in queue that I need to type up and then some massive swatching to do (since the move is nearly complete I can catch up on that too!)

Tonight I’ll be sharing the Fandom Flakies Box for July 2018!

For July we have three polishes by Bee’s Knees Lacquer, Night Owl Lacquer and Nvr Enuff Polish. We also have a cuticle oil from Lilly Anne’s Garden and water decals and nail vinyls from Ribbits Stickits.

The Fandom theme this month is Jurassic Park! This year is the 25th Anniversary since the original Jurassic Park released (now I feel old since I saw the original in the theater) and at the end of June the second Jurassic World came out. I took my son to see the newest movie, and it’s a weird feeling since I was about his age when I saw the original in the theater. I would have been about 11 and he’s 12 now.

Anyways, let’s get into this nifty box and all purchasing info will be at the bottom, as usual.

Bee’s Knees Lacquer-Clever Girl

Bee’s Knees Lacquer Clever Girl is a smokey medium blue crelly with sapphire blue shimmer and red to pink to orange to gold iridescent flakes. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Night Owl Lacquer-Monster is a Relative Term

Night Owl Lacquer Monster is a Relative Term is a black jelly base with silver flakes, indigo to blue to green crystal chameleon flakes, blue to indigo to violet ultrachrome chameleon flakes and green to blue to violet shimmer sprinkled in. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Nvr Enuff Polish-Spare No Expense

Nvr Enuff Polish Spare No Expense is a green to gold to pink multichrome based linear holographic with micro gold flakes and  a touch of pink sparkle. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Lilly Anne’s Garden – Isla Nublar Cuticle Oil

Lilly Anne’s Garden Isla Nublar Cuticle Oil is a rejuvenating medley of sweet orange blossoms, yuzu, and kumquat; followed by middle notes of juniper, Mediterranean fan palm, and rosemary; and creates complete ecstasy with base notes of fresh sandalwood and Tahitian vanilla beans.

It’s an interesting scent that I love. It has a warm, familiar feel to it.

I love Lilly Anne’s Garden Cuticle Oil in general, so I was happy to have another little oil perfect to pop in my purse for on the go.

Ribbits Stickits – Water Decals & Nail Vinyls

Ribbits Stickits has some fabulous Jurassic Park themed water slide decals and nail vinyls for us too! If you aren’t fully familiar with water slide decals, instructions are included with them (don’t worry, they are easy.. even I didn’t mess it up!)

Above is the Water Slide Decal sheet and below are the nail vinyls.

Fandom Flakies Box July 2018 | Jurassic Park

This is actually my first time with this box, and I’m enjoying it. I love the nostalgia that’s tied into it for me, especially since it’s so recent that I got to experience the new movie with my son around the same age I was when I first saw it.

All 3 polishes applied perfectly, the cuticle oil smells divine and the decals and vinyls are just fun to play with!

Price: $40.00 plus Shipping

Where To Buy: Bee’s Knees Lacquer Shop

Availability: July 13th through July 20th at 11:59 PM EDT

So what did you think? Will you be grabbing this box?

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