Keep Your Skin Moisturized This Fall With Vaseline Spray Moisturizer

by Lisa Heath

This post was written in partnership with Vaseline

My skin is entirely too fussy. In the Summer it gets oily and sticky, but in the Fall it gets dry, flaky and itches like crazy if I don’t moisturize properly. I usually keep a large pump bottle of Vaseline moisturizer on my desk at work, but I need something quick, easy and effective for at home when I get out of the shower – and that’s where Vaseline Spray Moisturizer comes in handy.

The continuous spray is designed for easy application and even all-over coverage. The unique formula is infused with micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly and leaves skin soft, not greasy or sticky. Instead of pumping out product into my hand and then hoisting my leg up on a ledge, I can grab my bottle of Vaseline Spray Moisturizer and simply spray it all over (even while holding the bottle at awkward angles, it sprays!) and then massage it in. It absorbs quickly too, so I’m not standing in weird positions while waiting for it all to soak in before I can get dressed. Within 2 minutes I’m out of the shower, dried off and moisturized. It’s that easy.

While I still love my pump bottles of Vaseline, the Vaseline Spray Moisturizer is entirely too convenient for me to use and I reach for it more and more. Since the beginning of September I’ve gone through 2 bottles, plus I have 3 in my cabinet waiting to be used. I simply can’t run out.


Have a favorite Vaseline moisturizer you like to use? Then don’t worry! Vaseline has made all four of their fan favorites available in a spray moisturizer so you can enjoy either Aloe Soothe, Essential Healing, Cocoa Radiant or Advanced Repair. Personally, I’m an Advanced Repair girl, but also like to keep Essential Healing around the house for my son.

Are you ready to stock up on Vaseline Spray Moisturizer? Well good, because it’s available for only $5.97 at Walmart and it will be the best purchase you’ve made this Fall!

Do you suffer from dry, itchy skin this time of year?

This post is in partnership with Vaseline.

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