KBShimmer Hard To Empress

by Lisa Heath
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KBShimmer Hard To Empress

Press Sample of KBShimmer
Hard To Empress

I feel like things are just always crazy around here. Once tax season was over, my work went into full blown moving mode. Our office is moving in 3 weeks and we’re going paperless (eep) so we’ve been scanning like crazy while packing up the office. At home we’re adjusting to the new Summer schedule with Jacob. In previous years he would generally hang out at his dad’s house while I was at work (his dad’s girlfriend was home) but they moved across the US back in September. So this Summer Jacob has been staying home with either myself or Nick, or he’s been a busy bee and has plans with friends to go out.

I’ve been driving around in my new car and I am still so happy with it. I’m still getting used to all the keyless wizardry that goes along with the car, and it doesn’t take me 5 attempts to unlock the doors anymore.

I have a few posts to do today, so I’ll cut the chatter and jump right into it! First up today we have KBShimmer Hard To Empress!

KBShimmer Hard To Empress is a Limited Edition shade – so once it’s gone, that’s it! It launched today, along with the KBShimmer Wanderlust Collection.

Let’s just in and take a closer look.

KBShimmer Hard To Empress

KBShimmer Hard To Empress is a medium cool toned purple jelly base packed with unicorn pee shimmer, and unicorn flakes that shift from a vibrant fuchsia to a deep indigo. The unicorn pee shimmer and the unicorn flakes play nicely together and one doesn’t overpower the other.

I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

KBShimmer Hard To Empress

Hard To Empress joins KBShimmer’s line of Unicorn Pee polishes. She had a bit of it left and spent time trying to decide if she should bring back older ones or make a new one… and obviously a new creation won!

This is a limited edition shade and there is a 2 bottle cap per customer.

Price: $12.00 

Where To Buy: KBShimmer Website 

KBShimmer Social Media: Facebook | Twitter Instagram | Pinterest

Have you grabbed your bottle yet?!

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