January 2019 Indie Pickup | Mythology

by Lisa Heath
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January 2019 Indie Pickup | Mythology

Press Sample of January 2019
Indie Pickup | Mythology

Okay I planned on having this up a few days ago but hit a snag with one of the items. I found the perfect place to keep my wax warmer while cleaning up around Christmas – unfortunately momnesia has hit and I have no idea where that perfect place is. So I bought a new one, it arrived yesterday and I was able to complete my review!

Yes, this is the kind of thing I do often. This is why I prefer to be in a slightly messier area – I at least know where I placed things.

Anyways, now we can continue on with my review of 7 of the January 2019 Indie Pickup Mythology items!

Things are a bit easier this month (and from now on!) for you Polish Pickup/Indie Pickup shoppers! No more remember 2 dates because you can now shop BOTH on the same days. I already posted 47 of the Polish Pickup items, so be sure to pop over there as well and get those wishlists ready. Shop opens tomorrow (January 4th) at 11am EST and will remain open until Monday, January 7th.

Let’s jump in. I have 7 items to share for the Indie Pickup side!

3Cheers4Ears | 3D Printed Keychain

Inspiration: Thor’s Hammer (MJÖLNIR)

Description: 3Cheers4Ears created these cute little keychains that resemble Thor’s Hammer. They are lightweight and shimmery. Made of durable PLA (Polylactic Acid) filament in Glow in the Dark, Opaque & Translucent colors. Keychains are attached with a Split Key Ring and Chain. Keychain Dimensions 4.5″ X 2″

Price: $5.00 | No Cap

Chirality | Soften Your Tips Nourishing Cuticle Oil

Inspiration: Ragnarök

Description: I am still using this from last month and love the formula. Soften Your Tips Nourishing Cuticle Oil this month is offered in a blend of creamy vanilla, buttercream and cinnamon sugar and strawberries. The cinnamon sugar and strawberries notes are incredibly light. One thing I liked about this scent is that it has a mellow tone and isn’t super sweet to my nose.

This is in a nice and easy to carry tube with a doe foot applicator.

Ingredients:Jojoba Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E Acetate, Fragrance

Price: $9.00 | Cap: 50

Cuticula | Confection Nail Fortifier

Inspiration: Dragons

Description: Confection Nail Fortifier is a cuticle and nail cream to help nails stay strong and healthy (and add a little scent!) I naturally have fairly strong and healthy nails, and I just recently started using this, so I can’t say for sure how it does in that department. However, I do find that it moisturizes my cuticles nicely, even when I’m abusing them endlessly.

This month’s scent is Dragonfruit and it’s light, sweet and fruity. If you don’t like overpowering scents, this is actually a really good one to grab.

Price: $6.50 | No Cap

Handmade Gift Canada | Soy Wax

Inspiration: None Mentioned

Description: Handmade Gift Canada brings us a soy wax that is soft and melts nicely. The bags they come in are made of corn and biodegrade. The scent is berries and snow, but I am getting a hint of a slightly woodsy scent. The berries aren’t super sweet, but I do detect the, in there. It’s a nice, mellow scent that works all year round.

Price: $4.50 | Cap: 14 Bags

Lantern & Wren | Flight of Fantasy Stamping Plate

Inspiration: General Mythology

Description: Flight Of Fantasy Stamping Plate has various images for dragons, scales, crests, etc. perfect for Mythology! I tried the plate and the etchings were nicely done and I had no issue picking up my desired images. I’m not a stamping master, but I didn’t struggle at all with this.

The plate is 14.5×9 cm and it’s stainless steel.

Price: $14.99 | Cap: 70 Plates

Lucky 13 Lacquer | Lotion of Immortality Trio

Inspiration: Cthulhu

Description: Lotion of Immortality is a thick cream that I actually love using at night. It can be used during the day, but I like to slather it on and let it sit. It is a trio – so you get 3 scents with this purchase, plus the added bonus of Insane Shimmer.

The 3 scents are:

Cthulhu Waits, Dreaming: : Includes notes of lavender, chamomile, vanilla sugar, and a hint of myrrh

Fear of the Unknown: Includes notes of sandalwood, musk, and open waters

Necronomicon: Includes notes of leather-bound books and ancient whispers. Beware what knowledge you may find within…

My favorite of the 3 are Cthulhu Waits, Dreaming.

Price: $11.00 | Cap: 40 sets

The Crafty Taco | Siren Song Bag Charms

Inspiration: Sirens, specifically inspired by the Argonautica

Description: The Crafty Taco brings us a bag charm! This is a long charm featuring a skeletal mermaid all fancied up to go to a new home. The charm measures over 15 cm in length. It also has 2 “mermaid glass” beads, a metal alloy sea shell and starfish. The glass cabochon is painted with multichrome, mermaid pee and holo polish to mimic an abalone shell. It’s pretty in photos, but even better in person.

Price: $10.00 | Cap: 50

January 2019 Indie Pickup | Mythology

I loved the assortment of items for Indie Pickup that I received this month, and I’m sure I’ll be buying a lot in this month’s shop!

Where To Buy: Indie Pickup Shop

Shop Dates: January 4th at 11am EST through January 7th at 11:59pm EST

The shop is open to make Wishlists and browse, and you’ll be able to shop tomorrow!

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