Disclosure: Post sponsored by Mirum Shopper but all opinions are my own.

Winter is upon us, and our skin is SUFFERING! I live in an area that doesn’t even have a full on Winter season, and my skin has been going crazy, so I can’t even imagine those in the single digit temps!  As a blogger, when my skin is suffering – everyone knows it, so today I’m going to share my tips for healthier Winter skin on the go!

That’s right – these 2 items are lifesavers and my trick for healthier skin. Let’s take a look at why I need them.

First of all, it’s Winter, so my skin is dryer, flakier and needs extra TLC. The moisture is just sucked right out of them and without proper care, they look older and well… not very good in photos. Aside from that it’s tax season at work, so I’m handling a lot of paper so papercuts are running rampant and taking over. The drier my skin is, the worse they seem to be. My hands are always on display for my blog, so I really need them to look nice.

Throughout the day I’m applying Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair lotion. It’s clinically proven to moisturize and heal dry skin in 5 days. Plus it’s fast healing moisture keeps those dry spots away, even those stubborn dry spots! It works amazingly well for sensitive skin and it absorbs fast for a non greasy field. That’s perfect for someone like me who shuffles paper all day, you really don’t want greasy prints on client documents!

Do you work in a fragrance free zone at work like I do? That’s how I initially found this 3 years ago! My work changed to a fragrance free zone so I had to find something that was effective and didn’t have added fragrance.

Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Lotion makes it easier to have closeups like this without the embarrassing dry and cracked cuticles.

What’s the other Vaseline product I have to have for Winter? Vaseline Lip Therapy Tins!

We have HEAPS of these! Our whole house uses them. Nick prefers the original, Jacob loves the Aloe and I personally love the Rosy Lips!

Vaseline Lip Therapy Tins will keep your lips protected! The skin on your lips is thinner than the rest of your body, so it lacks the top protective layer and is more susceptible to dryness and peeling. Vaseline Lip Therapy instantly softens and soothes your lips and helps to repair the lip barrier. It’s made with Vaseline Jelly which locks in moisture for healthier lips.

When we had our rounds of colds in December, these were must haves and helped keep our lips from cracking and bleeding.

I made it out to CVS yesterday to stock up on more of my go-to healthier Winter skin must haves! Right now ALL Vaseline products are Buy One Get One 50% off at CVS. Make sure to also grab a CVS Reusable Bag! It holds a ton (It’s seriously the perfect carry all size!) plus it’s super durable and you can easily collapse and fold it for easy storage.

Don’t miss out on these Winter must haves, your skin will thank you!

The Vaseline Buy One Get One 50% off lasts until February 10th at your local CVS!

Disclosure: Post sponsored by Mirum Shopper but all opinions are my own.




I’m Lisa, a 36 year old mother of one energetic little boy. I live right outside of San Francisco with my son and my boyfriend. I work full time in an accounting office during the day and as a beauty blogger at night.


  1. I have to get all of this in my life immediately. I get such incredibly dry skin, and these look like products that could really help me with that.

  2. You can’t neglect your skin during the winter months – that includes your lips. The winter can wreak havoc on our skin. it has on mine.

  3. Gorgeous nails! Love that color! I have not seen these Vaseline tins before you but can bet I am going to get some!

  4. I have always used Vaseline for skin care before and loved the results I have gotten. I have never seen these tins before. They look so neat! I’ll have to keep my eyes open!

  5. I LOVE Vaseline Lip Therapy!! It’s all I use on my lips during ht winter months and I love slathering my whole face with Vaseline when it’s super dry!!

  6. Vaseline is awesome! I had no idea they have products like these though. It would be nice to have one to carry with you wherever you go especially since the winter can give you dry, chapped lips.

  7. Victoria Heckstall Reply

    I love vaseline products. They are one of the best when it comes to skincare products. I always use this every single day and it has a great effect on my skin.

  8. I have to check them out! I get such incredibly dry skin in the winter, and these look like products that could really help. Thank you for sharing them!

  9. I’m totally obsessed with that nail picture. I know that has nothing to do with what you’re writing about, but wow! It’s so pretty.

  10. I love that blue nail color! I was in Hawaii for two weeks sand my skin was so moist and nice, came back to NY and it’s SO dry that it hurts! thanks for the tips!

  11. I love Vaseline products, especially the lip therapy. The rosy tinted one is my favourite. Keeps my lips soft and adds such a lovely little colour to them.

  12. I had to smile when I saw your photo of your nail. I just cringe when I see pictures of people’s hands and their cuticles look like they have been through a nuclear holocaust!

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