Fandom Flakies Box August 2023 | Wednesday

by Lisa Heath

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Happy Monday! It’s time for my month Fandom Flakies Box post.. and we’re looking at the August 2023 box which has a theme of Wednesday!

For August – Nailed It! joins Fandom Flakies as the guest maker and they selected Wednesday as their theme. To see everything I received applied and demonstrated – check out my YouTube video below:

If you are newer here, let’s go over the Fandom Flakies basics! So basically Fandom Flakies Box has 2 constant makers – Night Owl Lacquer and Bee’s Knees Lacquer. Ribbits Stickits is also a familiar face to the box – bringing fun add ons to the box to really bring the theme to life. Then there is a guest maker. The guest maker each month picks the theme for the box and the themes range from video games to tv shows to movies. Sometimes others – but those are the most common. Basically anything with a possible “fandom” is fair game in this box.

Every month when the shop opens there are 40 Ready To Ship boxes made. Usually it will be said as “RTS” and that’s what that means. They are ready to go. Once the 40 RTS boxes are gone – they essentially go into preorder. The preordered boxes will ship between 2-4 weeks after the shop closes. They do aim for sooner but as we all know – USPS has a mind of its own and it’s just not always possible.

When you purchase a box, you will only receive the 3 polishes. It’s a flat rate of $33 plus shipping for the 3 polishes, and if you want to add Ribbits Stickits goodies – then the price goes up depending on what is added. But the baseline is $33 for the 3 polishes shown.

Want only the Ribbits Stickits addons? That’s perfectly fine – you can buy those alone as well.

You can also sign up for subscriptions! This allows you to basically auto pay for the box each month to be sure you don’t miss it. Each month the subscription auto renews on the 13th (or 15th?) and you have until the 1st of the month to “pause” the sub if you don’t want the next one. There are 2 subscription options, the $33.00 options for just the 3 polishes, and there is a $43.00 options where you receive the 3 polishes and $10 worth of Ribbits Stickits goodies (usually water slide decals or vinyl sticker)

Okay, hope that was clear… it was a lot. But let’s dive in and take a look!

Bee’s Knees Lacquer | The Stuff Of Your Nightmares

The Stuff of Nightmares is a medium-dark blue jelly base with holo microflakes, black flakes, and green to blue to purple shifting iridescent flakes. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Night Owl Lacquer | I Do Believe In Revenge

I Do Believe In Revenge is a black jelly base filled with aqua to blue to violet shifting crystal flakes and black to red multichrome micro flakes. I did 1 thin coat followed by 1 thicker coat, then applied a glitter smoothing topper and top coat for a plump, glossy look.

Nailed It! | Soulsucking Void

Soulsucking Void is a lilac leaning purple crelly base loaded with aqua to pink to violet to gold shifting flakes. I used 2 coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

The consistency on this does lean on the thicker side due to the amount of flakes involved. You may need to add some thinner if you prefer a thinner consistency for application.

Ribbits Stickits | Un-Frog-Gettable Hand & Cuticle Cream

This hand and cuticle cream is thick enough so it can be used every day in small amounts, or slather it on at night for a more intensive treatment. This month there are 2 hand creme scents, both in 20 ml containers. We don’t have official information yet – so I’m unsure if this will be a duo purchase or if you need to buy individually – i will update when official info arrives.

Hand & Cuticle Cream Scents: I don’t have official scent descriptions, as mentioned.. BUT… Wednesday (black lid) smells like Vanilla Lipsmackers to me. Enid (green lid) smells fruity-ish – almost like Strawberry LipSmackers. Don’t ask why the LipSmackers references – for some reason that’s what came to mind when I opened and sniffed them. I will update with official descriptions when I get the info.

Official Descriptions are in… and Wednesday is an Oreo scent while Enid is a Skittles scent. To my nose, I still think they smell like lipsmackers (in the best way – nostalgia and YUM)

The acetone additives will be in the same style of scent duo with Wednesday being Oreo scented and Enid being Skittles

Ribbits Stickits | Waterslide Decals

These are like temporary tattoos for your nails. I usually cut the image I want off the sheet, set in water for 10-15 seconds, then remove the image from water and place face down on a stamping head. Then I slide the paper backing off leaving just the image on the stamper. Then I stamp the image down onto my nail firmly, lift stamper and then top coat.

We have 2 Wednesday themed sheets this month

Fandom Flakies Box August 2023 | Wednesday

I’ve watched the Wednesday series twice now and swatching these has me starting up a third round (I needed something to watch while swatching anyway!)

Again – swatchers don’t have official information yet for this box – so I will add scent description and update pricing as needed once it does.

Price: $33.00 + Shipping (Polish Only) | $43.00 + Shipping (Polishes + Waterslide Decal sheets)
Add On Pricing: Hand & Cuticle Cream Duo: $6.00 | Acetone Additive Duo: $8.00 | Waterslide Decals: $6.00 Each

Where To Buy: Fandom Flakies Shop

Preorder: Preorder: August 11th at Noon Eastern through August 18th at 11:59 PM Eastern

Fandom Flakies Box Social Media: Facebook Fan Group | Instagram

Remember – you can grab the Ribbits Stickits items without grabbing the box, as well as the box without grabbing the Ribbits Stickits. I keep saying this because it’s probably the #1 question I get regarding this box.

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