Ellagee Hard Cider

by Lisa Heath
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Ellagee Hard Cider

Press Sample

Last polish I have to share for the July Polish Pickup! Now it’s time for Ellagee Hard Cider!

Okay first we’re going to go through my spiel on Polish Pickup for those not familiar with it!

Before I get into this lovely shade shown above, we’re going to talk about this new Facebook group and I’m going to describe it’s concept. The group is Polish Pickup. Polish Pickup offers a fun, interactive experience that allows you to submit theme ideas, vote for your favorite theme, and selectively purchase your favorite polishes every month. It’s NOT a box though. I think when it formed that was the major misconception of it.

Now, I love polish boxes, however, some purchasers shared their frustration in only wanting 1 or 2 polishes from a box and needing to unload the polishes in the box they didn’t want. So essentially they were paying $40 and up for 1 or 2 polishes and hoping they could sell the polishes they weren’t interested in.

Polish Pickup is different. While the concept of picking themes and voting isn’t new, instead of buying the whole box, you can shop online for JUST the single polishes you want. There can be many indie makers involved with the theme, but you only have to pay for the exact polishes you wanted rather than 4-8 polishes you may not have been interested in.

You following me still?

Then every month the theme and makers change and you get a whole new set of polishes to pick and choose from. So while it has a box like feel (with the voting and themes) it doesn’t carry the box commitment.

This set of polishes will be available from July 7th to July 10th, and at the end of this post I will have the list of July makers so you can see what to expect.

July’s theme is ‘Cocktails & Mocktails’

Here is the Ellagee inspiration photo!

Love some hard cider!

Ellagee Hard Cider

Ellagee Hard Cider is a warm brown scattered holographic with gold, copper and bronze microflakes mixed in. I used 2 coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

My photos show this shade a bit deeper than it is. So color wise – its incredibly close, but in person it’s a bit more mellowed out.

Purchasing Information

Where To Buy: Polish Pickup Shop

Shop Dates: July 7th through July 10th

Makers Involved in the July Shop:

Alter Ego Body Care Products
Anchor & Heart Lacquer
Anonymous Lacquer
BLUSH Lacquers
Chirality Polish
Contrary Polish
Darling Diva
Different Dimension
Fair Maiden
Fanchromatic Nails
LE Polish
Leesha’s Lacquer
Lilypad Lacquer
Lollipop Posse Lacquer
Ms. Sparkles
My Indie Polish
My Stunning Nails
Nail Hoot
Night Owl Lacquer
Northern Star
Polish ‘M
Polish My Life
Pretty Jelly
Sassy Pants Polish
Seventy Seven Nail Lacquer
Stella Chroma
Supernatural Lacquer
Toadarrific Vinyls
Top Shelf Lacquer
Turtle Tootsie Polishes

So many amazing makers this month!! Like I said – I have 9 of them to share, and they are done! Check out the links above to view all the reviews I did for the July Polish Pickup!

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