DIFFERENT dimension Wild Spirit Trio

by Lisa Heath
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DIFFERENT dimension Wild Spirit Trio

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Happy Friday! This was a fairly long week for me with a lot of personal things going on, so I’ve been a little on the quiet side. I do have some catch up to do in the next day or two but honestly, I’m so exhausted from real life stuff that I don’t know if I will just put it off until early next week or not. It’s really depending how I’m feeling over the weekend and whether I’m mentally up for it. I do have 3 photo sets ready though, so I’m trying to get those posted up.

The first post will be Different Dimension Wild Spirit Trio.

The Different Dimension Wild Spirit Trio is a Summer to Fall transitional release. The last couple releases from Missi were neon filled, so we’re starting to mellow out while still maintaining some vibrancy to our polish.

All 3 shades in the trio have a stunning green shimmer to them, but for some reason my camera HATES green shimmer and doesn’t pick it up right. So please keep in mind that all 3 have holo and fairly prominent green shimmer to them.

Catch A Dream

Catch A Dream is a blue leaning periwinkle linear holographic with green shimmer. The description I got said this shade has color shifting shimmers, but I honestly only see the green. I’m thinking the color shifts to a blue or something that’s blending more with the base color, so I am not catching it.

I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos. This shade is just a touch more purple in person.

Stay Chill

Stay Chill is a medium berry pink linear holographic with green shimmer. Again, the description says color shifting shimmers, but I’m only seeing the green. The green is also more powerful that what my camera picks up, and you can really see it better in the bottle of the photo above.

I used 2 coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem is a medium golden yellow linear holographic with green shimmer. Once again, the description says color shifting, but it’s the green that stands out.

I love this shade in the bottle, but it gives me lobster fingers when I apply it. It’s just too warm toned for me (that and yellows hate me) I do hope to use this for design (if I ever find extra time) because it would be beautiful that way as well.

I use 2 coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

DIFFERENT dimension Wild Spirit Trio Overview

Overall I enjoyed this trio. The colors are vibrant and fun, and I love the additional shimmers included. Granted I only saw green shimmer, but I do wear glasses and my eyes have been tired all week so.. it’s very possible they aren’t focusing right. Either way, the prominent shimmer color is green and it looks magical in person in all 3 linear holographic shades. Of the 3, my top favorites are Stay Chill and Catch A Dream (in that order) and while I liked Carpe Diem in the bottle, it was just too warm for my complexion. It should make a good nail art shade though, so it’s worth keeping around for me.

Price: $30.00 for the Set | $12.00 Each

Release Date: Saturday August 12th at 9AM EST

Where To Buy: DIFFERENT dimension Shop

DIFFERENT dimension’s Social Media: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

So what do you think? Will you be grabbing this transitional trio?

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