1 Week to Kick Breakouts Challenge with SkinKick

by Lisa Heath

Sponsored by Find Your Influence

I just took the 1 Week to Kick Breakouts Challenge with SkinKick and I’m here to tell you about my results and overall thoughts on it!


For the 1 Week to Kick Breakouts Challenge with SkinKick I only used 2 products from SkinKick – and you know me, I like to keep it simple! So having a 2 step system was really perfect for me.

Before we get into it, let’s talk about my skin. In a short phrase – it sucks. I’ve always loathed my skin. I guess I was given decent nails and hair to make up for it.

My skin is combination. I combat oil and dryness on a regular basis, so finding face cosmetics that work well with it has always been a battle. On top of that, I still get acne (I’m almost 35.. c’mon already!) and my pores are HUGE. Every time I think I’ve found a way to manage it, the weather turns and I’m right back where I started, so when the 1 Week to Kick Breakouts Challenge with SkinKick was presented, I figured it was worth trying out!

Ok so back to the challenge! This is a 2 product challenge, so you don’t have to apply 15 different things in a variety of combinations in hopes it all works out. It simply involves the SkinKick Skin Wash and Blemish Relief Lotion.

SkinKick’s formula contains an exclusive B3 Technology that combines natural ingredients from the Amazon Rainforest to kick blemishes and end constant breakouts,SkinKick uses absolutely no drugs and no harsh chemicals, such as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or sulphur,SkinKick users have see visible results overnight and clearer skin in less than a week


Step 1 is the SkinKick Skin Wash. I applied this twice a day to my face while it was wet and used a circular motion to massage it into my skin for a minute. Then I rinsed and patted my face dry.


Step 2 is the SkinKick Blemish Relief Lotion, which I applied twice daily, right after I patted my skin dry (after the Skin Wash!) Directions say to cover affected areas OR entire face, and I applied to my entire face. No removal is necessary, so afterwards I went about my day (or night) as normal!

My skin looks a bit better and it does feel better. I didn’t find SkinKick to irritate my skin at all, which is always a small risk when trying something new. I would actually say it was more gentle than other systems I’ve tried, which I appreciate.

I’m going to continue with using the rest of the product and hopefully my skin continues to improve with it.

Overall, I am happy with my results. Posting my skin in it’s cosmetic free state still frazzles my nerves a bit though. I’ll be sure to come back and update once I’ve fully used my bottles of SkinKick Skin Wash and Blemish Relief Lotion.

Want to try the challenge for yourself? Head to SkinKick’s online website and use the code ‘Lisa20‘ for 20% off your order! You can grab a 30 Day Supply for only $29.95 (with the code it’s only $23.96) and see if you get some great results!

*This conversation was sponsored by Find Your Influence on behalf of SkinKick. Products were provided to facilitate this conversation, but all photos, results and text are my own*

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