Colors by Llarowe Courage, Brains, Heart for April A Box, Indied

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I have my final reveal polish for the April edition of A Box, Indied!  Tonight’s post features Courage, Brains, Heart from Colors by Llarowe!

Missed the previous 3 I showed?  You can check out DIFFERENT dimension’s creation, Girly Bits creation,  and Jindie Nails creation that will also be in the April box (the only one I don’t have to show is the Dollish Polish creation!)

Now let’s look at Courage, Brains Heart!

Courage Brains Heart

Courage, Brains, Heart is a beautiful vibrant hot magenta with a strong linear holographic.  I really wish the sun was still out when I get home to take photos!  The holo shows strong violet and red flashes too.  It’s amazing!  Courage, Brains, Heart was almost a one coat polish, but I used 2 just in case.  Fabulous formula, just like the rest of the Colors by Llarowe holos!

Courage Brains Heart CU

Courage Brains Heart 2

The next 2 photos are under an artificial light, which makes the polish shade appear much darker than it is.  For color accuracy, refer to the 3 photos above.

Courage Brains Heart AL

You can really see the violet and red arc here!

Courage Brains Heart AL CU

**EDIT** I managed to snag a morning sunlight photo <3


Courage, Brains, Heart will only be available in the April Llarowe A Box, Indied.  So if you want it, sign up fo r either a reoccurring subscription or just purchase a box on the months you have some extra spending cash!

In each A Box, Indied you will receive 5 indie shades which generally have a theme.  For April – all 5 shades will be holographic!  I have 4 of the 5 polishes in April’s A Box, Indied to share with everyone and none of them disappoint.

Price: $50.00 per month

If you aren’t already subscribed to A Box, Indied – head over to the Llarowe Shop to check it out.  You have a better chance of snagging a box if you have a subscription.  Boxes ARE limited, and none of the polishes are available outside of the sub box.  You can just buy a box here and there without the subscription, but if you choose to do it that way then you need to be QUICK because they sell out fast!

You can view Llarowe on Facebook for more swatches, updates and A Box, Indied Information!  Want specific A Box, Indied information – check out the A Box, Indied Facebook page.

Hope you loved this one!  As I said, Dollish Polish is the only shade I’m missing for this months box, but if you use a link above to go to Llarowe’s Facebook page, you can find that gorgeous green shade swatched there by Accio Lacquer!


Best of 2013 Top 10 Indie Nail Polishes

Some Items In This Post Were Sent For Review

Best of 2013 Indie Polish

This is probably the hardest post I’ve had to write.  Last years was no different.  I had over 60 polishes listed as possibilities for my year end Top 10 post, and I’ve been sitting here for 3 days trying to narrow it down to JUST 10.  This year I saw a HUGE explosion of creativity from indie makers and it made it so hard to pick a favorite, or even 10.

I did the only thing I could think of to narrow this list down.  The polishes that popped into my head first as favorites got a spot.  The shades that I continued to reach for to wear again and again long after the review was over.  Does this cover my whole favorites list?  Not by a long shot.  Because of this, I have also decided to add an “Honorable Mention” section at the bottom of this post.

Keep in mind, these are all preference based.  I have color preferences that may very well differ from many other people.  I have swatched and reviewed hundreds of indie polishes this year.  HUNDREDS.  Possibly even in the thousands, so finding just 10 was really difficult and I think next year I’ll have to do a top 20 to make it a little easier, but we shall see.

Here is my Top 10 Indie Polishes of 2013… enjoy!

Number 10 – Jindie Nails You Can’t Turn A Ho-Lo Into A Housewife


This baby earned a spot for 2 reasons.  1. Look at that intense purple holo!  and 2.  The name still makes me giggle.  Jindie Nails is still rather new to me, but the last collection she released that I got the honor of swatching was just stunning, starting with this one.

To see the original review (and purchasing information) go HERE

Number 9 – DIFFERENT dimension Why Am I Such A Misfit?


DIFFERENT dimension is a brand I got to work with quite a bit this year and she put out stunner after stunner.  Why Am I Such A Misfit? won a spot because I love the all of the neon glitters and shapes with the shimmery jelly base.  It just worked, but was still just a tad different!

To see the original review (and purchasing information) go HERE

Number 8 – Celestial Cosmetics Santa’s Blue Balls


Celestial Cosmetics Santa’s Blue Balls won a spot in the top 10 because of the VIBRANT cobalt blue holographic.  I have several blue holos and this one just stood out.  Application was like butter and the color was amazing – and best part… it didn’t stain my nails!

To see the original review (and purchasing information) go HERE

 Number 7 – Colors by Llarowe Unorthodox Annie

Unorthodox Annie

Colors By Llarowe really started off on the right foot this year!  I had the pleasure of swatching many of her shades and there were so many beauties!  Unorthodox Annie is among those, and deserved a spot in my Top 10.

To see the original review (and purchasing information) go HERE

Number 6 – Smitten Polish Klaatu Barada Nikto


It’s very safe to say that holographic shades dominated my list this year.  Most were linear holos, but this scattered holographic by Smitten Polish blew me away!

To see the original review (and purchasing information) go HERE

Number 5 – KBShimmer Pretty In Punk


This one surprised me.  I am NOT a green lover.  I can appreciate a gorgeous green though, and Pretty In Punk definitely deserved a spot on my top 10 list.  I have worn this several times since swatching it, and it gets prettier every time.

To see the original review (and purchasing information) go HERE

Number 4 – Glam Polish Maleficent 


This picture says it all.  Glam Polish NAILED this stunner and it continues to be a polish I slap on repeatedly.  It’s gorgeous in every light.  While Glam Polish has MANY stunning shades, when I hear ‘Glam Polish’ this is the shade that pops into mind.

To see the original review (and purchasing information) go HERE

Number 3 – Mentality Nail Polish Orgasmic


A shade from the Mentality Brilliant Holos Collection made my list last year and I’m so happy to see them continually adding on to this set!  While Rapture is still one of my favorite polishes of all time, Orgasmic is right up there with it.

To see the original review (and purchasing information) go HERE

Number 2 – Colors by Llarowe Monkey See, Monkey Do

Monkey See Monkey Do

As I said, Colors by Llarowe really got off to a great start this year and Monkey See, Monkey Do gets a spot because it’s unique to my collection, but also incredibly gorgeous.  I already need a backup bottle!

To see the original review (and purchasing information) go HERE

Number 1 – Girly Bits Get Weaponized


After a LOT of thinking, I had to give the number 1 spot to Girly Bits Get Weaponized.  Girly Bits put out a ton of amazing shades this year and I wear a LOT of them regularly, but Get Weaponized is another unique shade in my collection and it’s amazing.  Probably the single polish I have gotten the most comments on.  Every time I wear it people notice and WANT it.

To see the original review (and purchasing information) go HERE

Those are my Top 10 Indie Polishes of 2013.  While others may disagree, this list was based on my favorites and ones that will continue to be favorites for some time.

Honorable Mentions

Because this list was so hard to narrow down, I wanted to share just a few of the shades that were strong contenders for the top 10.  I started off with more than 60 shades and narrowed down to about 17 or 18 for the top 10.  Here are 8 that barely missed the top 10 spots.

Girly Bits – What Happens In Vegas… Ends Up On Facebook

What Happens In Vegas

Girly Bits – Lack of Pies

Lack of Pies

Smitten Polish – Electric Lime

Electric Lime

Smitten Polish – Imperio


DIFFERENT dimension – Mistle-Toad


DIFFERENT dimension – Dueling Unicorn

Dueling Unicorn

KBShimmer – Teal Another Tail

Teal Another Tail

Mentality Nail Polish – Kindness


I’m not done with my ‘Best of 2013′ posts just yet.  I have 2 more to do, so stay tuned for those!

What were some of YOUR favorites from 2013?


NEW Colors by Llarowe Winter 2013 and Core Collection Shades

Press Sample

Tonight I have a very picture heavy post for you!  Colors by Llarowe is setting up to release her Winter 2013 Collection as well as add some new shades to her Core Collection of colors!

I’m going to start this post off with the Winter 2013 shades I received!

Coal in My Stocking

Coal In My Stocking

Coal In My Stocking is a charcoal grey with tons of silver glitter throughout.  I used 2 coats and HK Girl top coat for this photo.

Coal In My Stocking Closeup

Silver and Gold

side by side Silver and Gold

Silver and Gold is a two piece set!  Both shades are intense holographic shades. “Silver” is a medium silver linear holographic and “Gold” is a vivid gold linear holographic with the slightest tinge of green in it.  I used quotes around the Silver and Gold names because they are both actually named Silver and Gold.

Silver & Gold full silver

Silver CU

Silver AL

Silver & Gold full gold

Gold CU

Gold AL

Xmas 2013

XMas 2013

Xmas 2013 is a glitter top coat with a mix of red, gold and green circle glitter and gold and red micro glitter in a clear base.  I used 1 coat over Colors by Llarowe Root Beer and HK Girl top coat to finish the mani.

Xmas 2013 Closeup

Xmas 2013 Artificial Light


Rudy Full

Rudy is a cheery red jelly base packed with gold glass fleck.  I used 3 coats for this photo just for depth, but 2 coats would have been perfect!  I topped this off with HK Girl Top Coat.

Rudy Closeup

Come Dance The Hora

Come Dance The Hora

Come Dance The Hora is pure sparkly perfection.  This is a clear base PACKED with silver holographic micro glitters and slightly larger royal blue glitters and small royal blue hex glitters.  The above photo is 3 coats and HK Girl Top Coat in regular lighting.  Below you will see it close up as well as in artificial lighting and then in natural, direct sunlight.

Come Dance The Hora closeup

Artificial Lighting

Dance The Hora Artificial Light

Direct Sunlight

Dance The Hora Sunlight



Holly is a multi chrome holographic that shifts green/blue/purple/grey/reddish pink.  I tried to capture as much shift as possible, but my camera didn’t get it all!  I used 2 coats for this phot0.

Holly side

Holly Full

Holly Closeup

Holly AL

Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree

Oh Christmas Tree is a deep green linear holographic.  This shade is different from Gizzards & Lizards for those wondering, and I will post a comparison photo.  I used 2 coats for this photo.

Oh Christmas Tree Closeup

Oh Christmas Tree AL full

Oh Christmas Tree AL

And a comparison!

comparison 3

Oh Christmas Tree is on the left – Gizzards & Lizards is on the right!

The Man In The Red Suit

The Man In The Red Suit

The Man In The Red Suite is a red linear holographic polish.  I used 2 coats for this photo.

The Man In The Red Suit Closeup

The Man In the Red Suit Artificial Lighting

The Man In the Red Suit Artificial Lighting Closeup

And that completes the Winter 2013 Collection from Colors by Llarowe!  Now keep going for my swatches of the colors being added to her Core Collection!



Rizzo is a baby pink linear holographic.  I love this one!  I used 2 coats for this photo!

Rizzo Closeup

Under artificial lighting

Rizzo Artificial Lighting

In direct sunlight

Rizzo Sunlight



Mojito is a medium mint linear holographic.  I used 2 coats for this photo.

Mojito Closeup

Under artificial lighting

Mojito Artificial Light

Under direct sunlight

Mojito Natural Sunlight

Army Of One

Army Of One

Army Of One is a medium grey toned green linear holographic.  I used 2 coats for these photos.

Army Of One Closeup

Under artificial lighting

Army Of One Artificial

In direct sunlight

Army Of One Sunlight



Grace is a multi chrome that shifts purple/blue/hot pink/copper.  I tried capturing the shifts as much as I could.  I used 3 coats of Grace and HK Girl Top Coat for these photos.

Grace closeup

Grace angled

Grace full

Paper Moon

Paper Moon

Paper Moon is an intense lilac linear holographic.  I used 2 coats for this photo.  Below I will have 2 photos of it under artificial lighting.  The color is not accurate in those photos.  It does bring out the holo a TON, but it also made the color darker than it is.  The actual color is what’s seen above and in the closeup photo in normal lighting.

Paper Moon Closeup

Under artificial lighting

Paper Moon artificial lighting

Paper Moon closeup artificial lighting

Woman From Tokyo

woman from tokyo

Woman From Tokyo is a deep purple linear holographic.  I used 2 coats for this photo.

woman from tokyo closeup

Under artificial lighting

woman from tokyo artificial lighting

woman from tokyo artificial lighting closeup

You still with me?  Ok good.  That wraps up my swatches for the Winter 2013 Collection as well as new Core Collection shades for the Color by Llarowe line!

Price: $10.00 – $12.00 each (except the Silver and Gold duo – that set will be $24.00)

Where to Buy:  The Llarowe Website

When To Buy:  These will launch on November 20th

Make sure to watch the Llarowe Facebook page for more swatches (The Girlie Tomboy and Set In Lacquer also received these and a few more – and both have amazing swatches of them!)

Do you plan on picking any of these up when they release?  Which ones??  I didn’t even make a “My Top Picks” list because I truly love them all!


New Colors By Llarowe Shades Launching!

Press Sample

Settle in for a bit everyone, this is going to be a lengthy, picture heavy post!  I have 13 new Colors By Llarowe to show you tonight and they are amazing!

Lets dive right in!



We’re going to start with the jellies!  Coconut is a white jelly.  This is thin enough to make a jelly sandwich with (for those into doing them).  I used 3 thin coats for this photo and no top coat





Licorice is a pure black jelly.  Absolute perfection!  I used three thin coats for this photo and no top coat!



Root Beer

Root Beer

Root Beer is a deep brown jelly!  I used 3 coats for this photo, but the brown lightens more at 2 coats if you wanted a slightly lighter brown!  Again – no top coat!


Root Beer Closeup

Rednecks & Rubies

Rednecks & Rubies

Rednecks & Rubies is a pinky red jelly base with various size and shaped red, pink, burgundy and iridescent, holo glitters and dot glitter.  I used 2 coats for this photo and HK Girl Top Coat for a glossy finish


Rednecks & Rubies Closeup

Unorthodox Annie

Unorthodox Annie

Unorthodox Annie is a deep plummy eggplant shade with a linear holographic.  I used 2 coats for this photo


Unorthodox Annie Closeup

Under Artificial Lighting

Unorthodox Annie Artificial Lighting

Unorthodox Annie Artificial Lighting Closeup

Tequila IV

Tequila IV

Tequila IV is a nude/extremely pale gold linear holographic.  I used 2 coats for this photo.


Tequila IV Closeup

Under Artificial Lighting

Tequila IV Artificial Lighting

Tequila IV Closeup Artificial Lighting

You’re Such A Flake


You’re Such a Flake is a sheer black jelly base with multi colored flakes.  I used 1 coat over Licorice!





Strega a bright red jelly base with intense copper/orange shimmer.  I sed 3 coats for this photo!



Y U All Up In My Grill


Y U All Up In My Grill is a glittery top coat full of gold and silver holographic hex glitters, bar glitters and smaller glitter particles in a clear base.  I used 1 coat over Coconut.



Bubs Don’t Make Bubbas

Bubs Don't Make Bubbas

Bubs Don’t Make Bubbas is a reddish brown jelly base with copper and multi colored holo microglitter.  This is so incredibly sparkly!  I used 3 thin coats and HK Girl Top Coat.


Bubs Don't Make Bubbas Closeup

Under Artificial Lighting

Bubs artificial Lighting

Look at the sparkles!

Bubs Don't Make Bubbas closeup artificial lighting

Gizzards & Lizards

Gizzards & Lizzards

Gizzards & Lizards is a intense emerald green with teal flash holo.  Another gorgeous holographic!  I used 2 coats for this photo.


Gizzards & Lizzards Closeup

Under Artificial Lighting

Gizzards & Lizzards artificial lighting

Gizzards & Lizzards closeup artificial lighting

All Bidness

All Bidness

All Bidness is a black linear holographic polish with gold flakes mixed in!  I used 2 coats for this photo.


All Bidness closeup

Under Artificial Lighting

All Bidness  artificial lighting

All Bidness artificial lighting closeup

Monkey See Monkey Do


Monkey See Monkey Do is my favorite of the group so I saved it for last!  Monkey See Monkey Do is a medium blue linear holographic with multi colored micro holo glitter mixed in.  That’s right… double the holo.  You get a holographic effect with the base in a linear form, plus the added effect of a scattered holo from the micro glitter.  AMAZING!  I used 2 coats for this photo and HK Girl Top Coat to seal it in!



Under Artificial Lighting


You can actually see both types of holo in this photo!


Another amazing set of Colors By Llarowe!  I had no application issues to report and they all look and apply perfect!

My Top Picks:  Monkey See Monkey Do, Unorthodox Annie, All Bidness, Gizzards & Lizards, Bubs Don’t Make Bubbas and Tequila IV (yes it was hard to narrow it down to just those!)

Price:  These will range in price from $6.00 – $12.00

Where to Buy: The Llarowe Website

These colors will be available for pre order tomorrow at 1pm MDT – but start checking in about 30 minutes before, and it can be delayed as much as 30 minutes.

For more swatches of the Colors By Llarowe collection as well as stocking updates,  make sure you keep an eye on the Llarowe Facebook page!


Colors By Llarowe Thriller Swatch and Review

Press Sample

Today I am showing you the missing polish from the Colors By Llarowe Tribute to Michael Jackson Collection!

Last night I posted the other 7 shades in the collection, if you missed it – go HERE


Thriller Normal light full

‘Cause this is thriller, thriller night
There ain’t no second chance against the thing with forty eyes, girl
Thriller, thriller night
You’re fighting for your life inside of killer, thriller tonight

Thriller is a blue teal linear holo!  This photo shows 2 coats and a top coat in normal lighting.

In Direct Sunlight:

Thriller Direct Sunlight

In Semi Direct Sunlight

Thriller morning sunlight

Under Artificial Lighting

Thriller Artificial Lighting

Closeup in Normal Lighting

Thriller normal light

Closeup Under Artificial Lighting

Thriller Closeup Artificial Lighting

Thriller will be available for $12.00

You can buy the whole set in one shot for $92.00 (she will have a single listing to get the whole collection)

These release VERY soon!  Around 1pm MST but start checking around 12:30 in case things are running ahead of schedule!

You can find Colors By Llarowe in the Llarowe Shop

For more swatches of the Colors By Llarowe collection as well as stocking updates,  make sure you keep an eye on the Llarowe Facebook page!


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