Face Atelier Facade, Ultra Sheer and Lip Glaze Swatches and Review

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I have the pleasure of reviewing 6 FACE atelier products and a few of them have definitely become staples!

Face Atelier open

From the FACE atelier website:

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

At FACE atelier, you are your beauty icon.  We believe that being beautiful is all about being the best  that you can be.  FACE atelier refuses to present an image of how we think a woman should look.  Instead, we strive to provide you with sophisticated and versatile makeup that helps you look and feel beautiful.  FACE atelier is makeup that simply works.  And works simply.

I will be showing you 2 Facade shades, 2 Ultra Sheer shades, a lip putty and a lip glaze.


Facade makes creams obsolete as its one-of-a-kind, silicone-based, liquid-to-powder formula provides translucent, non-streaking, buildable matte color that sets with a natural glow. Silky soft and extraordinarily light, Facade comes in five shades for face and lips.

I will be buying more and more of FACE atelier Facade products in various shades.  I was absolutely blown away by it!  It is hands down the most comfortable, light weight and gorgeous products I’ve come across in a LONG time.  I cannot say enough about it!

For a cheek color, it blends easily and I was able to sheer it out to the color I wanted.  A little goes a long way with this!

Arabesque and Chameleon

On the left is Arabesque and on the right is Chameleon.

Arabesque is a beautiful raspberry shade and Chameleon is a rose pink.

On the lips:


This is Arabesque, a nice raspberry shade.  I used 2 coats of Arabesque over FACE atelier lip putty.  Just 1 coat gave my lips a nice pinky tone, but 2 coats is actually a great shade for me.


Chameleon is slightly more neutral than Arabesque and a great everyday shade.

Both of these were incredibly comfortable as both a cheek color as well as a lip color.  You can tell right away that these have silicone in them, the feel is unmistakable.  It goes from feeling like an airy gel formula to a soft powdery formula instantly.  I absolutely love it.

Price:  $27.00 for an 8ml tube

Ultra Sheer

Silicone-based Ultra Sheer is magic in a bottle.  Hydrating yet oil-free, add it to Ultra Foundation to subtly alter its hue, or use it over Ultra Foundation to highlight.  Apply it over your moisturizer for a diaphanous finish that floats on your skin as it luminates.  It’s a blush.  It’s a bronzer. 

I have been adding Ultra Sheer to my moisturizer every day for a nice highlight to my skin.  It’s subtle, but your skin gets a natural “dewy” look to it when used.

Champagne and Opal

Ultra Sheer Champagne is on the left, Ultra Sheer Opal is on the right.  You can see my skin has a sheen to it in the 2 spots it’s applied.

With a flash:

Chamagne and Opal lighting

I used flash for this photo to show the subtle color differences.  This is taken without mixing them into moisturizer.

Again, a light weight and easy to use product.  What I really like is that you get the nice glow without it settling into fine lines and making you appear older than you are.  I’ve had that happen several times with products that have a illuminating effect and it’s frustrating!

Price: $40.00 for 1 oz

Lip Glaze

Impossibly shiny and smooth as glass, our non-sticky, moisturizing formula is a cinch to apply with its sanitary, slant-tip applicator. Highly concentrated and pigmented, long-lasting Lip Glaze gives a high-shine effect while hydrating and mositurizing your lips. And as per usual (for FACE atelier), a little goes a long way.

I don’t usually do lip glaze or glosses.  Most are too sticky for my liking.  Not FACE atelier Lip Glaze!  I received Paradise to review and I’ve actually ran out already from wearing it so much (time to buy more!)


Paradise is a sheer medium coral.  It gives enough color to show up, but it doesn’t overpower.  I have been wearing this on my minimal makeup days and I enjoy the shade on me.

Price: $26.00 for a 15ml tube

Lip Putty

Used under lipstick, velvety Lip Putty fills in those pesky fine lines in and around the lips, eliminating colour bleeding, blurring and blotching. 

At the same time, Lip Putty moisturizes and hydrates the lips because of its singular combination of essential oils and vitamins.  And it also provides organic ultra-violet protection.  Naturally.

All 3 lip swatches above had Lip Putty as a base.  It’s a nice base for lips, very soft and hydrating without looking too wet if you want to wear it alone.

Lip Putty

Pictured above is just a sample, the actual Lip Putty comes in a lipstick tube.  I applied with a lip brush and really liked this.  I will be repurchasing this when I run out as well!

Price:  $24.00 for a .14 oz tube

Overall, I am pleased with all of these products.  The standout product for me though was Facade!  As I said before, I plan on purchasing more in both of the shades shown above as well as additional shades FACE atelier carries.  Lip Putty is definitely another item I will be repurchasing.  I liked wearing it both with and without a lip product over it.

FACE atelier does not test on animals.  In adherence to PETA principles, FACE atelier products have not been tested on animals. They do not buy ingredients from vendors who test on animals, nor do their vendors buy from manufacturers who test on animals.  I know that is very important to many of my readers, so I wanted to point that out.

I know for some the price points are on the higher end.  Some, even for me.  But I also know that some products are just worth the splurge.  I would rather have 1 or 2 amazing products instead of having 10-20 “so-so” items.  For me, these products are worth the splurge.  They feel luxurious and are better than most products I already own.

For more information - check out the FACE atelier Website.  There are several more products I have my eye on!

Make sure you check out the FACE atelier Facebook Page as well for more reviews, demos and product information

Have you tried FACE atelier?  I’d love to hear about it if you have!


Studio Gear Cosmetics The Pink Kit – Beauty Kit of The Month!

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Be pretty in pink this month for all of those fighting breast cancer and those who have fought in the past. Shop The Pink Kit for the hottest hues, as well as helping out a great cause.

50% of the proceeds from these kits will be donated to breast cancer research.


Lipstick in Capricious
Luscious Lip Shine in Tickled Pink
Eyeshadow in Starlet
Powder Blush in Angel Baby
A $65 Value.

Only $45 this month (a $20 savings!)  Plus – use SANCTUARY13 at checkout for an additional 10% off

Where to Buy:  The Studio Gear Website

Price: $45.00  ($40.05 if you use the 10% off code –  SANCTUARY13)

Don’t forget : 50% of the proceeds from these kits will be donated to Breast Cancer Research!

I’d love to hear if you snag this awesome set!

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream Review

Press Sample

Tonight I have my first CC Cream review!  This is IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF 50+.  Although it’s a tube the product is in, the tube has a pump at the end which makes dispensing the product really easy!


What is a CC Cream?  It’s a cream that provides Color Control (I’ve also heard Color Correcting) and helps even out skin tone and diminishes redness.  You may have noticed that there has been a surge in BB Creams, CC Creams and even DD Creams within the last few years – for me, CC Cream is actually what I need most.  My skin has patchy redness and larger pores than I’d like to admit.  Nothing out of the ordinary, but it still can be annoying!

Here is a little more about Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF 50+:

It’s your full coverage foundation, brightening color, anti-aging serum, pore minimizing primer, dark spot corrector, moisturizing day cream, plus UVA/UVB broad spectrum physical only SPF 50+ all in one easy step! Infused with cutting edge anti-aging technology and is clinically proven to improve skin texture, brightness and increase skin hydration by 79%. Formulated with plastic surgeons to merge high-performance skincare with the benefits of color-correcting makeup. Plus, it delivers luminous and healthy looking skin with powerful anti-aging repair benefits for perfect coverage. Your supple and flawless skin but better!

• Anti-Aging Hydrating Serum ( 50+ Hydrating Anti-Aging Peptides, Essential Lipid-Rich Oils, Vitamins, Extracts & Soothing Botanicals)
• SPF 50+ UVA/UVB Physical Only Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

I’ve been using IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF 50+ for a few weeks now and I’m happy with the results!

I received my CC Cream in the shade Medium:


I didn’t think this would be the right tone for me when I initially saw it, but it actually blends into my skin perfectly.  Medium is a mid tone beige shade that blended into my skin nicely.  I did notice some settling within fine lines after about 7 hours of wear.  Not too bad really!  Most foundations I use start settling after about 2 hours.  It does have a VERY faint citrus smell, nothing irritating and it doesn’t linger for long.

And now a picture of me with IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream:

CC Cream

IT Cosmetics CC Cream has SPF 50+ in it,  which is a huge plus with cosmetics. Another huge plus? It doesn’t break me out!  I get good coverage without regretting it and without needing to apply more to cover up more blemishes created from use.  It doesn’t feel caked on and greasy to me, but it is a little thicker than what I usually wear.   Because it color corrects and evens out my skin tone, I’m ok with it being a little thicker because it is actually less product for me to apply (instead of cover up plus color corrector THEN foundation).  This also minimizes the appearance of pores (and trust me, I need that!)

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream in Medium blends in beautifully on me, doesn’t feel drying and gives me a nice even skin tone.  Definitely a product I will continue to use!

Would I recommend?:  Yes!

Price:  $38.00

Where To Buy: On the IT Cosmetics Website or on QVC

What do you think of CC Creams?  Willing to give them a shot?  I’d love to hear about it!


Milani Cosmetics Limited Edition Romantic Rose Blush Review

Press Sample


Milani has quickly become one of my favorite drug store brands for both polish and cosmetics.  I don’t think I have found a Milani item I haven’t been happy with in the last year and a half.

These blushes are no exception!

I received Milani Romantic Rose to review and of the 4 Limited Edition shades, this one is the one I would have purchased.


Romantic Rose is a soft rosy pink shade.  The blush is finely milled so it feels super soft when applied.  I didn’t experience much fall out from the blush, and it was incredibly well pigmented.  I usually use a light hand when applying my blush and Romantic Rose is such a nice pop of color on my pale face!


This is a swatch of Romantic Rose on my inner arm.  I used a light hand when applying it, just like I would against my skin tone.


Here is a swatch of Romantic Rose with all it’s pigmented glory, and how it would appear if I applied with a heavier hand.

Should you check out this Limited Edition set of blushes?  Yes!

There are 4 shades in total and they are Romantic Rose, Flora Passion, Warm Petals and Bella Rosa.

You’ll be able to find all 4 shades during the month of August at select CVS, Walgreens, Meijer & Fred Meyer stores.

They were available on the Milani Cosmetics website but they literally sold out in a day (if it even took that long!)

Retail Price – $7.99

Get them while you still can!


Wantable Beauty Box Review – July 2013

Press Sample

It’s no secret that I am a subscription box lover.  I have 3 going currently and I am always on the lookout for new and exciting boxes to try out!

Wantable.com offers two different types of boxes for only $36.00 per month.  I know $36.00 sounds like a lot – but looking back, I spent $10 a month on Birchbox for almost 2 years and all I really got was sample packets and every few months I might get a full size product.  For $36.00 a month with Wantable.com, you get 4-6 full sized cosmetic items.

My July Box!


July’s box was PERFECT for me and my skin tone.  Very flattering colors and 4 of the 5 products I will use regularly (and will probably buy more of).  The value is well beyond the $36.00 fee as well.

Lets move onto the items!

Michael Marcus Eyeliner: Prism

Michael Marcus

I’m going to start this off with the one item I wasn’t happy with.  It looked promising – a dark brown eyeliner with glints of gold shimmering in it.  When I did an arm swatch though, it was rough, it pulled and it left my arm red.  Color payoff wasn’t great and when I applied a little pressure to get some color, it crumbled a little and 3 small chunks came off.  I’m a huge eyeliner junkie, but if its that rough AND crumbled – it’s not going near my eyes!  Because of this, I did not do an actual eye swatch.  I already have sun damage to my eyes, I don’t need more caused by crumbled, rough eyeliner.

Michael Marcus Eyeliner Retail Price – $20.00

Arm Swatch:


Lisa Watier Ombre Soufflé Supreme: Sunrise Peach

Lisa Watier

Now my favorite item of the box!  Lisa Watier Ombre Soufflé Supreme in Sunrise Peach.  This is a light, airy, and has anti-aging properties.  I used my fingertip to apply (as suggested) and it feels like a light, whipped mousse.  When I applied it instantly turned to a light powdery feel.  It gave off a nice shimmer to my lids without looking like a 13 year old who just discovered glitter makeup.  Perfect for a neutral look, or as a toned down base you can add a fun pop of color to!  Very usable!

Lisa Watier Ombre Soufflé Supreme Retail Price – $24.00 CAD (which converts to about $23.10 in USD)

Arm Swatch:


Eye Swatch:



A very nice, subtle shimmer!

Paula Dorf Cheek Color: Ecstasy

Paula Dorf

Another great product!  Paula Dorf blush in the shade Ecstasy is a light rose shade with a very fine shimmer to it.  It’s almost hard to see when applied and gives off a nice natural glow.  Builds up very nicely if you want a stronger shade (I use it fairly light handed).  Very soft blush with great application and easy to wear for an every day look.

Paula Dorf Blush in Ecstasy Retail Price – $23.00

Arm Swatch:


Manna Kadar Gloss Ware Long Lasting Lipgloss: Lip Candy

Gloss Ware

This is a completely new-to-me brand.  I want more though!  Manna Kadar Gloss Ware Long Lasting Lip Gloss in Lip Candy is a great shade for me.  It applied easily with a doe foot application and felt more like a lipstick when on.  There was a touch of stickiness, but really not that bad (I dislike sticky lipgloss!).  I wore it for 3.5 hours before it started to fade.  Not too bad for a gloss.  Lip Candy is a pretty coral pink with gold shimmer in it.

Manna Kadar Gloss Ware Long Lasting Lip Gloss Retail Price: $19.00

Arm Swatch:


Lip Swatch:


Rainbow Honey Nail Lacquer: Apple Kid

Rainbow Honey

Eep!  Nail polish!  I was very pleased to find this in my box for July!  I have actually never tried Rainbow Honey (shame on me, I know!)  I received the color Apple Kid which is a nice fuchsia shade with lots of shimmer!  I applied 2 coats for the thumb swatch I did and I will definitely be wearing this again.

Rainbow Honey Nail Lacquer Retail Price: $10.00



Overall Value of Box: $95.10 (even if I deducted the eyeliner I didn’t care for, it’s still worth $75.10)

Subscription Price: 36.00

Not a bad deal.  Aside from the eyeliner, I will use the other 4 items again without a doubt.

Not sure you want to subscribe without trying it for yourself?  You can also buy each box for $40.00 without signing up for a sub box!

How Do I Sign Up?

When you first sign up, you are taken to a screen that helps you fill out your preferences which helps eliminate the possibility of getting items in the wrong colors as well as products you just won’t use. (I added a screenshot to show you)


click on the image to enlarge

You just move the slider either up or down for Love or Dislike (leave it in the middle if you Like it).  Very easy to do and this is why my box had colors and items I was actually into!  There are several screens you do this in.  It should take you no more than 5 minutes to get through.  It will go from types of products, to finish of products (not a glitter lover?  Select Dislike and you should never receive glittery items!), your skin tone, whether you like toned down or dramatic shades, to actual color shades!   They really go in depth on this to ensure you get a box you love!

Not into cosmetics?  They also offer an accessories box!  The accessories box contains 3-4 boutique jewelry pieces. Monthly price is the same as the Makeup Box!

  Monthly Subscription Price – $36.00

One Time Purchase Price – $40.00

Where do you go?  Wantable.com

Can’t afford a box one month?  They give the option to skip your box.  I always like sub boxes that allow you to skip!

Don’t like your box for any reason?  They allow you to RETURN your box!  You just have to return it within 6 months of receiving it.

Not too bad, and I am ready to sign up (in fact I signed up right before typing this review).  For me, its worth it.  I can skip when I need to, return if I don’t care for it… otherwise I get new makeup to play with.

So what do you think?  Willing to try Wantable.com?


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