Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascara

I’m always on the hunt for a new mascara and rarely do I buy the same one twice because although some are good, they don’t wow me. One thing I will never leave the house without is mascara.  If I had to live the rest of my life with only one cosmetic item, mascara would be it.  I was born with decent length, semi curled eyelashes and I love to accentuate them. So far Maybelline The Falsies has been the only mascara that I would consider repurchasing, but I wasn’t satisfied enough to stick with it 100%.  So when I spotted Rimmel’s Scandaleyes I realized I had never used a Rimmel Mascara.  Now was as good a time as any since I just ran out of The Falsies.  I picked one up in the color black (I only really use black mascara, but am easily dazzled and swayed by some…