Ethereal Lacquer


Ethereal Lacquer Mysticism Collection & Cerise Au Chocolat

Press Sample of the Ethereal LacquerMysticism Collection & Cerise Au Chocolat We have a lot of stuff coming our way this weekend, and today I’ll be sharing the Ethereal Lacquer Mysticism Collection & Cerise Au Chocolat shade! These will join Bauble (which I already posted about) in the shop on January 12th and will be available for preorder until the 15th. 6 of these shades are the Mysticism Collection, and the final one is an additional shade that will be available. As I mentioned above, Bauble will also be available during this preorder. Let’s jump right in and check these new shades out! Ethereal Lacquer | Mind’s Eye Mind’s Eye is a teal jelly base loaded with pink to gold aurora shimmer and gren to aqua to blue iridescent flakes. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos. The base leans on the sheer side,…

Ethereal Lacquer | Bauble

Press Sample It’s after midnight, I’ve had a busy day but I’m just not tired yet. Perfect time for a post, right?! I’m going to be sharing Ethereal Lacquer Bauble tonight! This morning? Whatever. I received a package of Ethereal Lacquer shades to review, so aside from the Polish Pickup shade I already posted, I have this one, HHC and some new collection items coming up soon as well. Ready to look closer? Ethereal Lacquer | Bauble Ethereal Lacquer Bauble is a red to green shifting topper. The shifty pigment is densely packed and 1 coat works nice, but I wanted a stronger shift, so I did 2 coats over Dance Legend 649 which is a deep, matte purple. Then I topped it with a glossy top coat. Ethereal Lacquer | Bauble While this has already released (twice I think?) it is being restocked on the 12th, so you can…