Easy Spring Flower Dotticure With Julie G

Sponsored Affiliate Link As most of you know, my life gets pretty hectic, which often limits the amount of nail art I can do. I’m also a little impatient, so easy is always better for me! Tonight I have an easy Spring dotticure with Julie G polishes I’ll be sharing with you! To set up, I will be using 6 Julie G nail polishes and a dotting tool. It’s fairly easy, not at all messy and dresses up your nails for the new season! All 6 of these shades are available on the Jesse’s Girl website, and you can use my affiliate code CS2017JG to receive 20% off any of the shades you purchase through the site. The code is also good for any cosmetics you might be eyeing (I recommend the  Glow Stix Lip Gloss while you are there!) Ok, onto the  nail art! I started off with a base…