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Exfolimate Face & Body Exfoliator Review

Press Sample I have an exfoliation tool to share with you today, one that I will admit I thought might be a waste of money when I received it. The Exfolimate Face & Body Exfoliator is designed in Australia.  It is a gentle tool to exfoliate the face and body and is designed for daily exfoliation and to allow your skin to clear naturally, without all the scrubs and peels. It helps transforms the surface of the skin to be smooth and clear. The Exfolimate package has 2 blade like devices.  The small one is for your face and the slightly larger one is for your body.  The blades are extremely dull, and in the 25 days of testing it, I never cut myself or had any uncomfortable feeling with it.  The triangular plastic pieces are easy to grip and small enough to be comfortable to hold, but large enough…