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This is a long overdue post and was a blast to play with. Due to my time constraints, I usually don’t have a ton of time to do nail art, so stamping plates are perfect for me. It Girls sent over 3 plates for me to play with and try out, and I have to tell you – these are some gorgeous plates with cute designs that were easy to use!

I received all 3 plates and I did a couple random manis using the 3 plates.

It Girls Fashion Plate 101

IG 101 Plate

First up we will look at It Girls Fashion Plate 101! This one gave me a little trouble and I couldn’t pick up images very well. Others have had great success and I’m still a VERY new stamper, so it very well could have been user error. It was a beautiful plate though and I did lift some images just fine.

The shop owner was amazing and walked me through some simple steps to help me out, but some images still didn’t want to play with me. Betty’s Beauty Bombs did a fabulous mani with this plate as did a few other bloggers, which is why I’m leaning to me being new at it. Below are a few examples of Betty’s Beauty Bombs using this plate in multiple manis with great success:

Individual Images 101

It Girls Fashion Plate 102

IG 102 Plate

It Girls Fashion Plate 102 was a breeze and I got some gorgeous mani’s with this baby! I was able to lift each image easily and transfer it with zero issues. Below are 3 mani’s I did using It Girls Fashion Plate 102.

Individual Images 102 2

Full Mani 102

(While I am unhappy I have a Mentality polish in the photo due to recent events, this was done BEFORE any of it came to light)

Individual Images 102

It Girls Fashion Plate 103

IG 103 Plate

I saved the best for last. It Girls Fashion Plate 103 has gotten the most love from me. I did 4 mani’s using this plate and each one still gets me looking at the photos and saying “wow” and I’ve used it several times since the initial photos were taken.

Each image lifted with absolute ease, even for someone like me. Full images stamped onto my nail with perfection and I was rather impressed.

Individual Images Top 103

Individual Images Bottom 103

103 Full Mani 2

103 Full Mani

That final one is my favorite mani. So happy with how it came out!

It Girls Fashion Plates Overview

PicMonkey Collage

Overall I was impressed with these 3 plates. While plate 101 didn’t work amazingly well for me, I am big enough to admit it was probably me. It was also extremely hot each day I attempted that particular plate so that could have played a factor in it. Plates 102 and 103 however were absolutely amazing. If you can only buy 1 plate though, plate 103 is my top choice. It’s amazing.

Each plate has 10 images, so between the 3 there are 30 different stamping images to choose from. For each photo I used Bundle Monster black stamping polish over a variety of polishes and Girly Bits What A Rush Top Coat to finish the mani. My stamper was a squishy Bundle Monster stamper as well.

Price: $13.50 Each

Where To Buy: It Girl Nail Art Storenvy | It Girl Nail Art Etsy Shop

It Girls Nail Art Social Media: Facebook

What did you think of these 3 plates? Have you grabbed any? Will you?

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I’m Lisa, a 36 year old mother of one energetic little boy. I live right outside of San Francisco with my son and my boyfriend. I work full time in an accounting office during the day and as a beauty blogger at night.


  1. I like the look of these plates. Especially the geometrics. I’m a new stamper too, so I’ll be following your success.

  2. These plates look really nice, with a fun variety of images and it seems most of them worked just fine :).

  3. Wowza, your manis are all so gorgeous! Such beautiful polishes and stamping.

  4. I love stamping. These plates have some neat designs, too. Sometimes, I’ve found that a particular plate won’t play well with a certain texture of polish, or even a particular type of stamper. Sometimes, switching up the tools will help a plate play nicer.

    • Yeah that’s probably what the issue was with 101. I’m so newish at it though, I don’t have other stampers really to try to switch it up with

  5. I bet you have the best nails in the land :) I bought a little cheap nail art stamper/stickers all that jazz I am inspired to try it out now hehe

  6. could you leave a video on how the stamping is done . it does look beautiful

    • Defiendo la libertad de expresión tanto como cualquier búsqueda de enetiurcimienqo espiritual.Lo que no comparto es que este Gurú cobre por presenciar sus meditaciones en un asiento super pullman en un teatro. Uffff.

  7. I’m so impressed. I couldn’t do that ever. These are beautiful plates and there’s no way I’d know you were a beginner.

  8. The plates are really good and the designs super fun. I already told myself I should try them, directly on my wishlist then :)

  9. I am terrible at stamping, but you make everything look so easy :) I know it takes some great technique though.

  10. I’ve got 101 and 103 to review, good to know about 101 giving you a few issues. I’ll keep an eye on that one. Lovely manis with those plates though. I can’t wait to try them!

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