Hit The Bottle Black & White Undies Peel Off Base Coats

by Lisa Heath

Press Sample of the Hit The Bottle
Black & White Undies Peel Off Base Coat

Back in May I reviewed the Hit The Bottle Keepin’ It Peel base coat, which is a clear, longer term peel off base coat (when compared to latex peel offs.) Today I have the Hit The Bottle Black & White Undies Peel Off Base Coats to share!

Keepin’ It Peel is a clear peel off base coat, and the Black and White Undies are similar, but apply like black and white creme polishes. These are water based peel off base coats that last much longer than the latex peel offs, plus they removed the need for a base color under your glitters. 

They do take longer than latex to dry though, so be aware of that. They do take a bit longer than the clear version as well. For me, they took about 10 minutes to fully dry. 

Let’s look at each!

Hit The Bottle | Black Undies

Black Undies is the black peel off base coat. This is a one coater, and I only used 1 coat for my photos. While the 10 minute time to fully dry may sound like a lot, if you think about it – a 1 coat black peel off base eliminates the need for base coat and 1-2 coats of creme – which would run about the same amount of time or longer.

I did a long term test on my non swatching hand, and this lasted for 6 days.

Hit The Bottle | White Undies

White Undies didn’t apply in just 1 coat for me, so I did use 2 coats. I found 1 coat slightly patchy with my application technique. I applied 1 coat, waited about 5 minutes, then applied the second and waited 10 minutes for it to be fully dry.

Again, it does have longer drying time, but it will prevent the need to scrub off glitter.

I also did a wear test on White Undies and got 5 days f wear time on it.

So yeah, I started to peel this off before I took photos when I was side tracked.

Hit The Bottle Black & White Undies Peel Off Base Coats

Overall, I love these as much as the originals. What I’m finding I use them for most is stamping for reviews. Since I generally use latex peel off on my nails for swatching, if I also use latex barrier for stamping/nail art – if the 2 types of latex touch, I could peel off the full nail when I peel off the barrier. Instead I’m using Black Undies and White Undies.

Much like Keepin’ It Peel – these won’t replace my normal swatching peel off. However – there are a lot of uses for it. For the glitter lovers who don’t want to do the removal process, these are perfect for it and cuts down on polish layers. Especially with Black Undies, it’s 3 coats total – Black Undies, Glitter, Top Coat. Done.

These are also the perfect replacement for those with latex allergies.

I keep both of these, as well as the original Keepin’ It Peel on my desk and have used them quite a bit in testing and stamping.

Price: $12.99 US | $13.75 AUS

Where To Buy: Hit The Bottle (AUS) | Lantern & Wren (US)

Hit The Bottle Social Media: Instagram | Facebook

Lantern & Wren Social Media: Instagram | Facebook

What are your thoughts? Have you tried Keepin’ It Peel?

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Linda December 14, 2018 - 2:26 pm

This is fantastic! I can’t believe you can get 5-6 days out of these, I find I’m lucky to keep polish with a peel-off base on for 24 hours! Thank you for the great review!

Koneko December 16, 2018 - 7:31 am

Did you find that the black one stained at all? I like the idea of these however having to do a base coat for a base coat would defeat the purpose!

Lisa Heath December 16, 2018 - 12:00 pm

The black one didn’t stain at all and I’ve used it multiple times. It peeled off clean with no remaining color left on the nail!

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