Hella Handmade Creations | March 2019

by Lisa Heath
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Hella Handmade Creations | March 2019

Press Samples from Hella Handmade Creations | March 2019

This last few weeks has probably been the most stressful for me. I can’t totally pinpoint why, but I feel on edge and like I’m not sure whether to hysterically laugh, cry or throw something. Tax season will be over in a few weeks and things will calm down, then I’ll be good. I think the longer hours and lack of sleep are catching up to me.

Anyways, that leads us into the new post – since I’m running behind on it. Sorry! I have 7 polishes from the Hella Handmade Creations March 2019 shop on the blog tonight!

Now, I know I’m late on this post, but the shop is still open – so not completely late. Just a tad behind. It is what it is, and it wasn’t intentional.

There’s an assortment of pretties within this post, within each description section I will say what the theme is for the polish, and for those new the HHC – each maker follows a theme for a set amount of time. Each maker will follow their selected theme for several months and then switch it up to a new theme.

Let’s take a look!

77 Nail Lacquer | Riot Grrrl

Theme: Female Rockers

Price: $12.50 | Cap: 50 Bottles

Riot Grrrl is a medium periwinkle creme base with blue to purple to red shifting pigment, red shimmer and rose pink sparks. This is a blurple like color so it’s harder to photograph, and in person this leans just a touch more purple than my photos show.

I used 2 coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

1850 Artisan Polish | They All Become Blueberries

Theme: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Price: $12.00 | Cap: 130 Bottles

They All Become Blueberries is a light blue when hot, medium blue while warm and purple while cold, loaded with a blue to purple multichrome flash, holographic microflakes and red to green shifting aurora. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Colors by Llarowe | Seven Seas of Rhye

Theme: Freddie Mercury

Price: $11.00 | No Cap

Seven Seas of Rhye is a bright magenta red to blurple multichrome with red to blue aurora shimmer, as well as scattered holographic prismatic flakes. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Great Lakes Lacquer | All Shall Fade

Theme: Lord Of The Rings

Price: $12.50 | No Cap

All Shall Fade is a thermal that transitions from pale grey when hot to a dusty greyed out blue when cold with aqua to blue to purple to pink shifting aurora shimmer and scattered holo. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Nail Hoot | Edie

Theme: Desperate Housewives

Price: $9.99 | No Cap

Edie is a black jelly base loaded with holographic micro glitters, pink shimmer and small red metallic glitters. The shimmer and holo packed within the polish gives the black jelly base more of a chocolate brown look. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Nailed It! Nail Polish |

Theme: The Vampire Diaries

Price: $12.50 | Cap: 100 Bottles

Doppelgänger is a maroon to red to gold multichrome with red to gold ultrachrome chameleon flakes, silver micro flakes and a subtle linear holographic. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Native War Paints | Let’s Weave

Theme: Native American Culture/History

Price: $12.50 | No Cap

Let’s Weave is a pale offwhite crelly base with holographic red, orange and gold glitters, as well as a subtle blue shimmer. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Hella Handmade Creations | March 2019

I really enjoyed the selection I received. It’s a nice assortment in colors I would usually gravitate to. Everything applied nicely and I had no issues with any of the 7 shades I received.

Available: march 14th at 12:01 am EST until March 21st at 11:59 pm HST (Hawaii Standard Time)

Where To Buy: Hella Handmade Creations Shop

Have you shopped this month’s Hella Handmade Creations?

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