Glisten & Glow | June & July 2021 Polish Of The Month

by Lisa Heath

Press Samples for the Glisten & Glow
June & July 2021 Polish Of The Month

Guess what? Tomorrow we have the next 2 Polish of the Month shades from Glisten & Glow! We’re going to be looking at June and July 2021 today!

We’re not going to ramble too much. I was viewing procedures all day at work and basically being prepped to have more face to face time with patients and I got a lot of new information about the specialty I am focusing on as a Patient Coordinator.

For a little background – I work at a medical practice that specializes in pain management. Branching off from their main practice, they have 2 specialties – one being stem cell regenerative therapy. I was originally brought on to work on the stem cell side of the practice, but then the other specialty side exploded and they needed more help – so I volunteered to do that. I learned enough about stem cell though that I can still help with that side if needed.

The other specialty branch of the practice is a very specialized foot condition involving nerves. We do a particular non surgical procedure and we’re the only ones in the US that do it – so we get patients from all over the US and from Canada and sometimes other countries. Since we’re the only ones doing this procedure – I can’t really just Google it. I can learn about the condition, but not the procedure. So I’ve been shadowing the doctor to see what goes on during the evaluation and then the procedure itself, as well as different scenarios that can occur with this condition. I’d say the name of the condition – but then a quick Google search would give away where I work.

So after shadowing all day – I’m worn out.

But Glisten & Glow has the next installment of their Polish Of The Month shades – so lets jump in and view June and July.

Glisten & Glow | June 2021 Polish of the Month

June 2021 is a vampy multichrome that shifts from deep eggplant purple (almost black) to berry to garnet to red to orange to gold to green. It has a lovely scattered holo effect as well that isn’t subtle but isn’t overpowering. Just enough to add a nice twinkle. I used 2 coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Glisten & Glow | July 2021

July 2021 is a light-medium purple cream scattered holographic base, with multichrome flakes and pastel flakes, as well as purple to pink to green shimmer. I used 3 thin coats and glossy top coat for these photos.

Glisten & Glow | June & July 2021 Polish Of The Month

Both of these shades launch tomorrow! I do like them both – but vampy shades will always get me – so June is my top pick of the 2.

Release Date: June 11th at 7pm EST

Where To Buy: Glisten & Glow Website

Glisten & Glow Social Media: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

What did you think? Will you be picking these up?

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