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by Lisa Heath

Press Sample of the Chirality Nail Polish
Nail Necessities

I have another lengthy review to share tonight. We’re going to be looking at the new Chirality Nail Polish Nail Necessities!

About a month and a half ago Chirality Nail Polish released 4 new Nail Necessities on their site. There are 2 base coats and 2 top coats. I could have spit out a post showing them back when I received them about a week before launch, but I like to try things out and make sure they work for me.

I did wear tests of each item. I find this incredibly important for base and top coats. It’s hard to put a stamp of approval for something I wore just for photos, which is why these tests take me a bit longer than any polish reviews. I apologize for the lengthy time – but .. it’s necessary.

Ready? Here we go!

Chirality Nail Polish | Factory Reset

Factory Reset is a Restorative Nail Treatment that is made to restore your nails back to their healthiest “factory settings.” Can be used as a base coat as well ( and quite well I might add) however, my nails don’t peel and are quite strong (I can take someones eye out clipping my nails) so I cannot speak on that.

However, I did used this on my “Cinderella” hand as it says to: Apply one coat to nails every day for six days. Remove Factory Reset on the seventh day. For the next two weeks, apply one coat twice a week and remove at the end of each week. Use as needed afterwards.

When using as directed, my nails actually lightened. While I don’t have severely stained nails, they of course have a light “tinge” to them and that went away. They did look whiter and brighter.

As a base coat – you can also layer it up to 3 thin layers and have a nice, neutral, pale pinkish beige shade on your nails that look juicy. I enjoy this look. Shown in the photo is just 1 coat, and my nails have a nice, natural “glow” to them.

Chirality Nail Polish | The Cellar Door

The Cellar Door is a 3-in-1 Base Coat. It’s 10 Free and acts as a ridge filler, nail strengthener and nail primer. When applied alone, it gives you nails a sheer white, satin like finish.

Now again, my nails don’t have much in the way of ridges and they’re quite strong – but it does lay down a very smooth foundation for polish that I enjoy. When used with a crelly or jelly polish, this minimizes the look of Visible Nail Line since it adds a slightly more opaque look to the tips of your nails.

Of the 2 base coats (I don’t know if the other is really in that category, but I used it as one) this is my favorite. I like the overall look and finish and that it multitasks.

Chirality Nail Polish | Matte Master

I have several matte top coats – and this one is MATTE. Matte Master is 10 Free and turns the base matte fairly quick. Almost chalkboard like matte, but it still felt velvety when I rubbed my finger over it (you know you do that too) and it was quite nice.

For the wear test – I applied on my dominant hand (right) and wore it for 4.5 days (with The Cellar Door) before any major chips took place. For a matte polish, this is pretty good. As I’ve said before – mattes are notorious for chipping fast, but 5 days is a decent amount of time. I did dishes 3 times and it was during a work week, so I wasn’t just sitting around doing nothing. When I wore just a polish and the matte top coat (no base) I got 2.5 days of wear before it chipped.

This is a wonderful matte coat, but keep in mind – it will wear like a matte top coat. You will not get a week + unless you have magical nails.

Chirality Nail Polish | Hypersonic Gloss

Finally we have the Hypersonic Gloss Quick Dry Top Coat. This is a 10-Free quick dry top coat, and it is my favorite of the 4 new items releasing.

The consistency of this top coat is a lot thinner than most quick dry top coats I’m used to. So much so, I doubted the quick dry abilities. I have about 40% of the bottle left, and it hasn’t become overly thick or stingy yet. Usually I need thinner when a top coat gets to the 70% full mark.

Because the consistency is thinner, you will need 2 coats in order to smooth any polishes with texture. It dries to the touch in about 6 minutes and it’s fully dry (for me) in 22 minutes so I can dig around in my purse or pass out after a night of swatching.

Nail art! I tried it and I was impressed. The photos below show quick stamping I did with the top coat over it using normal applying methods. There is very minimal smearing. Using the “floating” method – there was none. It preserved my stamping and was smear free.

It has a light scent to it. Nothing obnoxious or chemically though – it was pleasant. It was so light I almost didn’t detect it.

Combined with The Cellar Door – I made it 9 days before a major chip happened. I also didn’t experience any shrinkage with this top coat.

Chirality Nail Polish | Nail Necessities

Overall I’m quite pleased with this new addition to the Chirality family. I did spend 7 weeks testing these out (I did each test twice at least in case there was a fluke) and had wonderful results. If you are on a budget and need a recommendation to narrow things down, I would suggest The Cellar Door and Hypersonic Gloss. They work well together and separately.

As I mentioned up top – these are already available in the shop. This review took a bit longer since it’s not just simply showing a polish color, but finding out how they preform for me. Everyone has different body chemistry though. Finding what works best for you is key. They are definitely worth checking out in my opinion. And I’ve used a LOT of base and top coat over the years.

Price: $6.00 – $8.00 Each

Where To Buy: Chirality Nail Polish Shop

Chirality Polish Social Media: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook Group

Have you tried any of these yet? Will you be?

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Wendy Curtis August 7, 2021 - 11:48 am

Chirality Nail Polish | Nail Necessities

Loved how in depth your review was….. And properly testing them.

Taking everything, into account of actually testing them, instead of a “normal swatch” which even for topcoat, you really need to check out, it’s longevity.
Even though everyone’s nail chemistry is different, so it may not be the same results, for everyone but it’s the same for ANYTHING and with that we can accept.
But to also give them a second try, in case of a “fluke” by using them just once.
And also, the honest review with the reset base coats knowing that, you didn’t have the “problems needed” for using them but to still use them and give your opinion about how, they are a good natural coat of polish but with added benefits for those that may not need a full on factory reset, just a nice natural improved nail appearance, with the bonus, of it being “good” to your nails at the same time.
Thank you for taking the time out to test and tell us, in great detail. Very much appreciated.
I would be happy to try them out based on your review.
Wendy xXx


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