Bluebird Lacquer This Autumnake You a Beleafer

by Lisa Heath
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Bluebird Lacquer This Autumnake You a Beleafer

Press Sample of Bluebird Lacquer
This Autumnake You a Beleafer

Okay running a tad late this month! I actually had less for Polish Pickup this time around because my work has been moving, and I knew the week Polish Pickup launched for most brands was the same week the final push of the office move would be. On the bright side – no nail breaks during the packing portion. On the not-so-bright side, I’ve been worn out and didn’t get much done this week.

I do have… 7 polishes in I think to share. I do have a ton of previous PPU shades that were brought back. I initially wanted to go through and pull every polish and I simply don’t have the time this week :( I wanted to, but it wasn’t in the cards. So I’m only going to cover the polishes I was sent specifically for July’s Rewind!

First up is Bluebird Lacquer This Autumnake You a Beleafer!

Bluebird Lacquer This Autumnake You a Beleafer originally was in the September 2017 Fall Foliage Polish Pickup. I actually thought I had purchased this one back then, but I can’t find the bottle – so it’s possible I skipped that month. PPU for September landed on the same weekend my son’s father was moving to the other side of the US, so we were busy that weekend.

It’s okay though – at least I have this beauty now!

So for those that may not be aware, Polish Pickup is taking July off. Over the last several months, there has been an overwhelming request for makers to bring a shade or product back – so this was the perfect month to do it. Since Polish Pickup is off this month, they aren’t the ones shipping. Each maker will be shipping from their own shop. Polish Pickup does have each item available on their site though with a link to the maker’s shops.

A lot of the makers are utilizing the code ILOVEPPU for various discounts or free shipping (each shop is different) and I’ll have info at the bottom for this particular shop and that code.

Bluebird Lacquer This Autumnake You a Beleafer

Bluebird Lacquer This Autumnake You a Beleafer is a warm plum scattered holographic base with copper shimmer and bronze to red to orange ultrachrome chameleon flakes mixed in. I used 2 coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

Bluebird Lacquer This Autumnake You a Beleafer

This may be the only time this shade comes back, so snap it up while you can.

Price: $9.50

Where To Buy: Bluebird Lacquer Shop

Code: Use code ILOVEPPU for 15% existing stock for the month of July. Does not include new releases.

Bluebird Lacquer Social Media: Facebook | Facebook Fan Group | Instagram 

Hope you are enjoying seeing some Fan Favorites coming back for PPU!

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