Bluebird Lacquer Can’t Pee Tamed

by Lisa Heath
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Bluebird Lacquer Can’t Pee Tamed

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Look at me, I’m on a blogging roll tonight! I have another polish to share – and it’s Bluebird Lacquer Can’t Pee Tamed!

Bluebird Lacquer Can’t Pee Tamed is a custom for the Rainbows & Unicorn Pee Facebook Group! As usual, you DO have to join the group to get the code to purchase this shade, so head on over!

Let’s take a closer look!

Bluebird Lacquer Can’t Pee Tamed

Bluebird Lacquer Can’t Pee Tamed is a magenta jelly base packed with faux unicorn pee (the red to green shifting shimmer) as well as ultra chrome chameleon flakes in the same shifting colors. I used 3 thin coats and a glossy top coat for these photos.

You can also layer this polish over other shades for stunning effects.

Bluebird Lacquer Can’t Pee Tamed

I love shifting shimmer, Unicorn Pee or Faux Unicorn Pee – I’ll take it all! I’m actually still wearing this polish and am not ready to take it off! Application was beautiful, but because it’s a jelly base – it might take 2 thick coats or 3 thin (like I did) but if you want to only use 1 coat – layer it!

Where To Buy: Bluebird Lacquer Shop

Make sure you join the Rainbows & Unicorn Pee Facebook Group for pricing to order!

Ordering Ends: April 30th, 2018

Hope you enjoyed! Nick is nudging me so I think it’s bed time. I have to get up early tomorrow for another fun filled day of processing tax returns!

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