Essie Navigate Her Collection Continued… A Crewed Interest Review and Swatches

Essie Navigate Her Collection Continued… A Crewed Interest Review and Swatches, for the first portion of this collection click here to see my swatches and review

As I stated in yesterday’s post – I was determined to find A Crewed Interest today, and find it I did!  Ok so it was at the same Walgreen’s I was at yesterday but in the wrong display and I just didn’t see it… but still I FOUND IT!

The final color in the Essie Navigate Her line is A Crewed Interest.  A Crewed Interest is a lovely pale peach creme.  Color wise, I loved it – I don’t have a peach like it.  Application wise, worst of the bunch.  I have 3 coats on, only color that needed more than 2 and there are STILL bald spots and streaks.  If I wear this color again (and because its the only peach I have I probably will) it will have to be with a glitter or something layered over it so it doesn’t appear so streaky..

I’m thrilled I found it to complete my Essie Navigate Her collection, but it’s still not at the top of my list of “must haves”, it is however on my “nice to have” list.

Essie can be found at many drugstore retailers.  I purchased mine at Walgreen’s for $8.00 (before coupons).

**I paid for the polish reviewed in this post.  All opinions stated are my own.**

Essie 2012 Spring Collection – Navigate Her Review and Swatches

Essie 2012 Spring Collection – Navigate Her Review and Swatches


Finally got my hands on most of the Navigate Her collection by Essie.  They were out of A Crewed Interest so my mission tomorrow is to get the missing polish!  Until then though, here is the rest of the collection!

To start we have Navigate Her, the name of the collection.  Navigate Her is described as a New Growth Green.  I was hoping this would be brighter and more “Spring-like” but it wasn’t.  Definitely not a green I would generally wear, but I can use it for designs and dotting.  Navigate Her was a little watery for me and kept pooling in my cuticles no matter how thin a coat I did.  Clean up was easy though and I only used two coats.  When dry the glossiness of this polish was spot on though!  No top coat was used.


Next is To Buy or Not to Buy.  This is the one I absolutely wanted from this collection!  To Buy or Not to Buy is described as a Limitless lilac shimmer.  The only problem?  No shimmer showed up on my nails!  I see it in the bottle, but thats it.  I still love it though!  Gorgeous lilac color that isn’t like any other lilac I have (but it would have blown my mind if the subtle shimmer actually showed up on the nail!).

I needed more Orange in my collection, I really did.  Orange, It’s Obvious! was a perfect edition to my collection.  This is described as a headstrong outspoken orange and it’s true!  Orange, It’s Obvious! it a bright orange cream. I wouldn’t say it’s neon bright, but it is bright and I love it!  Perfect for summer!


What would a Spring/Summer collection be without a vibrant red?  Ole Caliente delivers!  Ole Caliente is described as a spicy scarlet fever, and like Orange, It’s Obvious!, it isn’t neon, but it’s bright and summery.  This red leans more to the orange side, more of a bright coral-ish red.  Again – love it and I’m glad I snagged it.  I’m going to get a lot of use out of this baby.

Last up tonight is my favorite of the whole collection, Tour de Finance which is described as an Incandescent fuchsia futures.  Tour de Finance is a bright blue tinged bright pink and I love my bright pinks!  I will wear this all year long.  It isn’t eye blindly bright, but it is noticeable and eye catching.  There is shimmer to this gorgeous lady and I couldn’t be happier with it!


The stars of this collection for me were definitely Tour de Finance and Ole Caliente!  Navigate Her is my least favorite and I can’t see myself reaching for her at any point in the near future.   All of the colors applied nicely in just two coats, even though Navigate Her was watery, two coats still seemed to work lovely.  All of the colors dried to a gloss finish (no top coat in any of the pictures!).  I had no bubbling issues with any of the colors either.

I picked up all 5 of these Essie polishes up at Walgreens for $8.00 a bottle and I WILL pick up A Crewed Interest tomorrow from somewhere!  I’m determined.  I need a gorgeous Peach and that one is IT!  So watch for my A Crewed Interest swatch tomorrow!

**These polishes were purchased by me and the opinions stated within this post are strictly my own**