Zoya Lolly with Maybelline Express Finish Clearly in Love

Just my  Nails of the Night!

I was in a pinky mood and still hadn’t used my Maybelline Clearly in Love polish so I used it tonight!


First I used 2 coats of Zoya’s Lolly which is a lovely color from Zoya’s Mod Mattes collection.  Lolly is a bold medium magenta color that dries to a matte finish (this also means super fast dry time!).  Zoya’s Lolly went on kind of streaky, which disappointed me because its sister Phoebe from the same collection glided on and evened out beautifully!  No matter though!  Here are the pictures of Lolly alone.

I started applying Maybelline Express Finish in Clearly in love.  Maybelline’s Clearly in Love is a clear polish with  silver glitter suspended in it and larger holo hearts mixed in.  I love the polish but MAN were these hearts difficult to get out of the bottle!  Love the effect though and the extra work was worth it!  I only wanted 1 heart on each fingernail, but my pinky was being greedy and got 2.

Love the look!  Pretty but still fairly simple!

Zoya Lolly is available on Zoya.com for $8.00

I got Maybelline Express Finish in Clearly in Love for $3.99 off of Ebay – only place I could find it when I was looking :(




Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoo Eye Shadow in Painted Purple

I’m pretty much kicking myself for only picking up one of these at this point.

I purchased Painted Purple at CVS out of the selection they had because I love purples, and I was limiting myself to only 1 just in case they didn’t work out.  My eyelids get slightly oily so cream eyeshadows generally don’t stay put on me.

Painted Purple is a pretty violet purple and goes on slightly sheer and can be built up.  I used my finger to apply it all over my lid and a little in the crease.  I used MAC Pink Freeze on the inner corners over Painted Purple.  I applied a small amount of Painted Purple on the lower outer corners of my eyes as well.



The color is just beautiful!  It went on smoothly, spread easily and the finish was like a powder shadow.  It wasn’t budging.  I’ll be heading back to CVS for Edgy Emerald and Tough as Taupe soon!  The color did fade a little bit by the end of the day, but really not enough for me to complain about considering my oily skin.  This lasted far longer than other cream shadows I’ve dealt with!



Also – please ignore my eyeliner… I didn’t really notice it until after the pictures were taken.  Oops.

These babies retail for about $7.00 at various stores ( I saw them at CVS and Walgreens) and are well worth the investment!

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush!

Yesterday LoveforLacquer (check out her site as well!) asked me if I had seen the new Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blushes yet, and I hadn’t.  They sounded interesting and I was intrigued, so on the way to work this morning I left a little earlier than usual so I could stop by Walgreens and check out some of their items (and see if they had any sales going on!).

I scoured the Maybelline section and couldn’t find them – I was a little disappointed but when I turned around Revlon’s Lip Butters were sitting there  so I was quickly consoled.  Next to the Lip Butters was a display containing Essies Shine of the Times also and I will admit I forgot my original reason for going to Walgreens.

I left the cosmetic section to grab a Starbucks Frap drink on the other side of the store when I saw the display.  Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush!  They had a lot of colors available so I took my time looking over them when I spotted the “Buy One Get One 50% off” tag.  Score.

Pink Plum and Rose Petal

I decided on #15 Rose Petal and #40 Pink Plum.  Both colors are fairly sheer (which is perfect for me!) but it is buildable and the texture reminds me of a moist latex cosmetic sponge, its very odd.  Dream Bouncy Blush goes on feeling powdery and blends better than most cream blushes I have used and feels silky gliding on (I used my fingers to apply)

Rose Petal appears to be a pale pinky peach on my skin.  There is the faintest appearance of shimmer in it which I didn’t realize until I swatched it.  The color appears on my skin just as it does in the pot.

Pink Plum is a nice flush of pink.  It isn’t bright, but it certainly isn’t soft.  Again, there is the faintest amount of shimmer in this one as well.  This goes on my skin a little darker than the color in the pot – but of the two, this one is my favorite!

Rose Petal (L) and Pink Plum (R) 1 Layer

Pink Plum (L) and Rose Petal (R) 3 Layers

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blushes are available in the following colors:

05 Fresh Pink
10 Pink Frosting
15 Rose Petal
20 Peach Satin
30 Candy Coral
40 Pink Plum
45 Orchid Hush
50 Plum Wine
60 Coffee Cake
70 Hot Tamale

Next time I swing by Walgreens I will probably be picking up Pink Frosting and Fresh Pink as well!  I love the natural flush of color you get with these blushes!

You receive 5.6g (or.19oz) of product with these little compacts for $7.99 at Walgreens they are also available at CVS and Target.