Anise Summer 2012 Alluring Collection Swatches and Reviews

Anise Summer 2012 Alluring Collection Swatches and Reviews

 The ANISE Summer 2012 “Alluring” collection offers strong and bright colors. From pretty coral, happy yellow to glamorous metal.

 Eat sweets. The strong trend of this summer is about sweet cupcake, fresh ice cream shades. ANISE loves to indulge on aquamarine frosting “Chill Out” and colored sugar “Yummy Sorbet”.

Yellow Fever. Fresh-flower pink might be the color of the year, but every shade of yellow is the color of the season. Be it pineapple or lemon, every runway collection has a sprinkle of the color. ANISE is having a case of yellow fever too with pina-limon colada “Let’s Tiki!”

Shine on Me. Shiny fabric and jewel colors are the glamour choice for those who want to stand out this summer. Be it rose-gold like ANISE’s “Bronze Babe” or gold dust like ANISE’s “Sun Soaker,” you really can’t be too shiny.

I’m back with MORE Anise swatches!  I absolutely LOVED their Spring “Pleasure” Collection, so when I received their Summer “Alluring” Collection I was overjoyed!   Much like their Pleasure Collection, Alluring does not disappoint!  Alluring is full of well pigmented, vivid colors with a nice color selection that is PERFECT for Summer!

Before I really get started there were two things I wanted to say.  First, I started taking photos of this collection BEFORE my camera broke.  This means half of the photos are taken by a really good camera, and half are taken with a camera phone.  I will have my good camera back before Friday and will redo some photos.  Second, in between swatch sessions, I snapped a nail off and cut them all down, so again, half of the pictures are different nail lengths.

Lets get this swatch-a-thon started!

First up is Juice Joint, one of my favorites from Alluring.  Juice Joint is a gorgeous, vibrant coral cream with a  super glossy finish. I used three coats to get to full opacity.

Next in line is Soft Seduction which is a medium cornflower cream. I have a couple cornflower shades in my collection, but most seem to border on pastel colors, and I’m not a huge pastel formula person. Soft Seduction is gorgeous! I used two coats to get to full opacity.

Bronzed Babe is going to be my beach color.  If I had any type of a tan going for me, this color would look even more amazing.  Bronzed Babe is a high impact shimmery bronze nail polish that has a foil like finish.  Two coats and this color was good to go!

Yummy Sorbet reminded me of a shimmer version of Juice Joint, which automatically jumped Yummy Sorbet into a favorite from this line!  This is a gorgeous coral shimmer and only needed two coats to be complete!

Sun Soaker is another shimmer explosion!  Sun Soaker is a pale gold shimmer nail polish with an almost foil like finish.  This is a nice toned down color that is still eye catching.

Beach Goddess is a lovely champagne color with gold shimmer.  I wasn’t a fan of it when I first pulled it out of the box, but when I inspected it and the light hit the bottle, the gold shimmer really livened it up!

 Chill Out is a turquoise  cream.  I only needed two coats of Chill Out.  Beautiful!  I’m so glad they didn’t make this a super loud color!  I’ve seen way to many bright pale blues in spring collections over the last few months!

And last but not least… Let’s Tiki.    Let’s Tiki is a glossy chartreuse.   This was a 3 coater and the worst formula of the group.  I hate to say that, but it was.  Each coat was thin, watery and streaky.  The color itself is unique to my collection, but I doubt it will get a ton of use from me.  I’m going to leave the cap opened a couple of days and see if it will thicken up a bit.

The entire Anise Nail Fashion line is free of Toulene, DBP, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor. Not only that, they do absolutely NO animal testing!  As I stated in my previous post on the Anise Spring Collection - Anise has been certified by both PETA and the Leaping Bunny Organization in recognition of their cruelty free position!  Anise Nail Fashion also has a 100% Vegetarian Ingredient Policy!

All of these colors are available at your local DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) for $6.00 per bottle (each bottle is .5 fl oz).  That’s it!  Amazing quality nail polishes for a reasonable price!  Not only that but they are ALWAYS  Buy One Get One 50% off !  You could walk out with 2 gorgeous polishes for less than $10.00!  Anise doesn’t generally stock warehouses with their polish because they want to guarantee freshness and quality in every bottle.  Not too many polish companies can say that.  So you are getting a really good bang for your buck at $6.00 considering it is a 6 Free, cruelty free polish with top notch ingredients!

**The nail lacquers and nail treatments featured in this post were sent to me for review.  All opinions are my own and I was not paid for this review.**