butter LONDON Lippy Shimmer Collection Swatches and Review

by Lisa Heath

Today I have the Lippy Shimmer Collection by butter LONDON to show you which consists of 6 neutral shimmer glosses which are perfect for work, or even a minimal makeup look.

These are all fairly sheer shades.  Because of my natural lip pigmentation (and the fact that I don’t want the gloss to look gloopy) a few of these look incredibly similar.  If you build them up, the difference is noticeable, but the gloss will look very thick in doing so.



What the name means:  Term used primarily by the British tabloid press to describe the wives and girlfriends of high-profile footballers.

Wag is a sheer, peachy pink shimmer lip gloss with gold flecks.



What the name means: To be very expensive or fashionable.

Swish is a sheer, apricot shimmer lip gloss.



What the name means: A child’s sippy-cup.

Beaker is a sheer, nearly clear iridescent shimmer lip gloss.

Tickety Boo

Tickety Boo

What the name means: A saying for when something is going well.

Tickety Boo is a sheer, blush shimmer lip gloss.

Pip Pip

Pip Pip

What the name means: A way to bid farewell, often used by the upper classes.

Pip Pip (am I the only one who wants to add ‘cheerio’ to the end of that?) is a sheer, golden bronze shimmer lip gloss.

Punch Up

Punch Up

What the name means: A quarrel or violent argument.

Punch Up is a sheer, strawberry shimmer lip gloss with gold flecks.

Overall, I do like these glosses, but I don’t ‘love them’.  I’m not a big gloss fan, I prefer lipsticks or balms because most glosses have a stickiness I just can’t get use to.  butter LONDON’s Lippy Shimmers aren’t nearly as sticky as other’s I have encountered, but they are just sticky enough to make it so that I don’t wear them on a regular basis. I do still use these at least once a week though. They all have a very light vanilla scent to them (and for those not aware, when the scent is gone – it usually means the Lippy’s are bad.  This goes for most lipsticks/glosses).

My Top Picks: Wag, Tickety Boo and Beaker.

Price: $20.00 each (tubes are 7.4 mL or .25 fl oz)

Where to Buy: butter LONDON website, ULTA, and Nordstroms


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Doria August 31, 2013 - 8:18 pm

Nice swatches! I don’t mind stickiness but I know a lot of people that do :)

Shipra September 1, 2013 - 3:27 pm

Great swatches! These are very awesome! Love using these with bright eyeshadows and heavy blushes! So fun!

Kelly R September 2, 2013 - 1:43 pm

Love these on you. And I enjoyed reading what the names meant!

Jess Scull September 3, 2013 - 5:10 am

Love these on you! I wish they weren’t so sticky!


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