Blog Sale for 2023

by Lisa Heath

This blog sale probably will not happen until June 2023.

In all honestly – some of what happened in the 2022 blog sale is preventing me from having the energy to do another blog sale. I am trying to think of rules to stop some of the things that took place during the last sale which left me drained. I have since blocked a few people from even viewing my blog due to their behavior during the last sale. I’m not talking about inquisitive emails or questions. There were some downright rude emails and I don’t owe anyone anything.

I also have chronic back pain (fracture the L1 when I was 20 and it never healed properly) so it’s a lot that I need to be mentally and physically prepared for.

Just trying to be as open as possible on why I still haven’t done it.

I want to do one. I need to do one. But with my full time job, son and blogging commitments, it likely will not be until I have more time. Usually PPU rewind month allows me that free time, so mid to late June is more than likely when it will take place.

I do appreciate everyones patience and I will update my Instagram page with sorting shots when it’s getting closer to go time.

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